Ro's Picks

Ro's Picks

Events, Logistics & Partnerships

Rachelle, commonly known as Ro, which is confusing (she didn't choose this life, okay) has lived many lives in many industries. At heart, she's a wine and food-loving art historian, Certified Cat Lady™️ and surprisingly organized Leo (shout out Virgo rising). After completing her MA at OCAD U, Ro knew that she had found the perfect combination of good-times and fast-times in the wild world of wine. Ro produces events, tackles logistics, plans all the plans and connects with our clients over cat photos.

Ro's dream wines: "I typically look for hazy pet-nats that make me think 'ok but is this wine???' or light, savoury reds. I love a wine that changes from the first glass to the last."

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    We started our own import company to bring you some of our very favourite wines from around the world at the sharpest prices — this allows us to travel, fall in love with a wine, and bring right to your doorstep without a middle person.

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    Great natural wine in Ontario? Easy. 
Get six delicious, carefully chosen prized bottles delivered to your door every month.