Nuit de Resistance. How Wine Makes us Feel. A Magical Collaboration.

Nuit de Resistance. How Wine Makes us Feel. A Magical Collaboration.



what a space transformed into a meditation on taste and the experience of home.

wait more! a collaboration with real and magical artists pairing wine with feeling, touch and sound. whoa. John James, Mysticeti and Panqueque traveling to be with us. #MEGASWOON

where: boxcar harbourfront

when: Friday April 20th, 8 pm - 2 am

tickets: $25, including 4 pours of magical wine paired with each artist quadrant

the story of how this magical night came to be after the jump! 


We first met powerful artist John James in Paris and fell in love with her immediately. In the heart of winter we were pleased to see her slide into our DM's with the following message, "I had a dream about you and I'd like to do an event together". 

Um, yeah, okay. An event inspired by a meeting, inspired by a dream. One of our biggest aims at Grape Witches is to share the way wines make us feel. A deeply personal perspective, and a decidedly female and inclusive gaze. We do this in a lovingly scrappy way: with hand painted posters, torn, found foliage, silly poems and stories.

John came to us with an idea to take this root and build an immersive space, why don't we casually call it, a meditation on the sensorial nature of feminine experience?

On Friday April 20th we will take over the beautiful Boxcar Harbourfront location and divide it into four quadrants. Each space will be an interpretation of ritual, memory, and home. Each space will be paired with a wine that evokes those same elements. I mean, this is a dream.

We cannot wait wait wait to see our wine dreams brought to life and hope you will come celebrate the most special wine in the most special spot with us! This ticket includes 4 splashes of very nice wine to be paired with each experience and many more incredible wines will be flowing wild and free all night.

More about our collaborators! 


John James: Throughout her artistic career, James’ passion for understanding the ‘other’ through a sensually-driven approach has ridden astride a career inhabiting the realms of design and advertising. Drawing parallels and playing tensions between the dichotomies of ‘expression for meaning’ and ‘expression for sale’, has allowed the artist to subversively present questions contemplating power dynamics, sexual fluidity, gender and identity to a larger audience. John has worked on amazing projects around the world and we can't wait to see how she transforms the Boxcar space. 

Mysticeti: Mysticeti is musician/visual artist Dara Humniski (The Lad Mags) and Amy van Keeken (Amy van Keeken, The Secretaries, The AwesomeHots). Their debut EP includes songs started in Edmonton and developed and refined in Paris during a three week Artist’s Residency at Break’Art Mix. Part of that residency included installing tiny nature sculptures of Humniski’s in public spaces as well as taking many photos, videos and sound recordings of spaces, both public and private, natural and artificial. On the 20th they take their love of sound to complete our immersive sensorial experience. 


Panqueque: PANQUEQUE is the futuristic dream pop project of Edmonton-born Tala Kamea. The Filipina-Hungarian artist is a multi-instrumentalist, dancer, and fashion designer, melding these talents to create PANQUEQUE. She has studied and performed classical, contemporary, and folk music and dance, most recently as a member of Toronto’s HATAW Performing Arts group and as a featured performer at Fringe Manila 2018 alongside international and local musical acts. With musical influences from electronic, r&b, pop and indie music, PANQUEQUE crafts beautifully textured electropop that is airy, emotive, and defies genre. We can't wait to have her create her dream pop for our dream night.

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