A Late Summer Night's Sleepover

A Late Summer Night's Sleepover


YESSSSS we are thrilled to announce something we have been planning for literal months!

As soon as we walked into the MOCA for the first time, we fell in love with the huge, beautiful space full of special things. ‘Let us have a party!’, we cooed. ‘Something weird and perfect!’, we begged. ‘In summer to be outside!!!’, we insisted.

It is happening. We are so happy to team up with the MOCA on art and Burdock on music to put together a night full of performance and joy with astrological snacks from some of our favourite chefs, wines inspired by dream types and lucid beers (because you need to not mess up when canning).


To celebrate the best part of that *summer feeling* we present A LATE SUMMER NIGHT’S SLEEPOVER. Join us for the greatest sleepover of all time in which you cannot actually sleep because, yes this is a contemporary art museum, but no you are not Tilda Swinton!


When: Thursday August 29th, 8 pm - 1 am

Where: The MOCA, 158 Sterling Road

What: an indoor-outdoor takeover of one of Toronto’s dreamiest spaces full of art, live music, delicious foods, natural wine and perfect beer.


Things to watch and admire by artist Alicia Nauta.

DJ set by Obuxum, live dream-pop performances by Chiquita Magic and Katie McBride.

Eat your astrological element, the element you wish to be, or the element you wish to mash with your mouth. Charlotte Langley of Scout Events on air and water, Emma Herrera, Burdock’s head chef, on fire and earth.

Dream-inspired wines by ussssssss obviously. It is an adult sleepover. 😈

Lucid beers by Burdock.

Formal pyjama costume contest by you for a sleep pack of our dreams.

A kick off to your last summer long weekend by everyone.

Join us for one last summer banger. 🌙

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