A Whole New World Education Hour

A Whole New World Education Hour


We have been talking about the new new world for quite some time aka the thrilling new wave of balanced and breathtaking wines from America, Australia, New Zealand, Chile and beyond.

With spring approaching and the tastiest tex-mex feast on the horizon, we can’t think of a better time to celebrate them all.

Join us as we taste through six of our favourites. This is the new new world and we are all about it.

Including! The thrilling wines of Martha Stoumen (California queen), Louis-Antoine Luyt (Chilean hero), Forlorn Hope (more new Cali cause so good), Persephone Wines (Lucy Margaux x Rachel Signer), Eminence Road Farm (hi Finger Lake frend) + other sneaky surprises. Yesssssssss.


Monday March 25th

Superpoint Ossington, 184 Ossington

6-7 pm

tex mex banquet dinner right after (tickets available in this section!)

free party 9-late


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