Education Hour October! // late harvest delights

Education Hour October! // late harvest delights

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Fall is here proper! She said, wearing a summer dress, her mind on gelato.

ready 4 fall.

ready 4 fall.

Yes, we know. We too are sweating in our cozy wools and velour track suits, but the best season of all is kissing at our practical suede heels. Summer is nice, but early fall brings renewal to all things, great fashion to all people and fresh apples to our hungry mouths. We would. 

We can't wait to celebrate October and all her bounty at our first ever EAST END PARTY! Whoa! We have become fast friends with the rather infectious crew at Lake Inez and have vowed to make The Most Magical Party Of All Time. A Party to Travel To. For we will make it well Worth Your Time. Peak decoration, a healthy amount of gourds, an element of hay, performance, a roof area with a friendly pigeon opportunity, a ceremonial fire rumour. No mildly illegal, wild idea is off the table! 

The festivities go down on Monday October 2nd. Yes!!! Education Hour is back for ONE SESSION ONLY from 7-8 pm. We've gotten feedback that you love our wildest wines so will feature only the most special things that make us close our eyes and feel our feelings. 

We will take you through SIX of the most interesting, wild wines of the night, tell you why we love them so much and how to get them if you fall in love. 

Join us! A bunch of great wine, knowledge and hang time before the party kicks off at 8! A bounty of educational fun.



What: harvest wines: a celebration of bounty. 

Where: Lake Inez// 1471 Gerrard Street East

When: 7-8 pm, Monday October 2nd

Who the heck are we? Nicole + Krysta! We have our Diploma WSET and Sommelier certification, respectively and teach a bunch of industry wine lovers for our normal lives. This is our opportunity to share all the things with regular people in a super-accessible, interesting and not dumbed-down way. Questions, comments?! Get at us at


x The Witche