April Education Hour! Wine With Animals on the Label

April Education Hour! Wine With Animals on the Label


Spring is here! We rejoice with dreams of April wine education! 

We are so so excited to have our first party at Paris Paris. The theme is one of our absolute favourites: Wine With Animals on the Label. LOL OBVIOUSLY. We love animals, but they used to be a red flag for nasty-ass wine. Thankfully, some of our favourite natural winemakers have TAKEN BACK THE ANIMAL and now hogs to badgers, cats to pandas are free from the struggle at last! Join us as we toast the animal kingdom!

Join us one hour before our party kicks off for the story behind the labels. 

Deliciously learn with us as we go through SIX of the most interesting, wild wines of the night, tell you why we love them so much and how to get 'em if you fall in love - these are not at the LCBO, but through our favourite agents.

Join us! A bunch of great wine, knowledge, hang time and cute af animals celebrated and honoured at last!! It's a whole lot of educational fun, a whole lot of nice wine and a whole lot of good times.


What: gw x paris paris education hour ANIMAL LABELS 

Where: 1161 Dundas Street West

When: 7-8 pm, Monday April 9th

Price: $40 -- this EH is $5 more as our fave animal labels are actually all super $$$ and we want to show you all the best stuff!!! Will be a firecracker lineup. 

Who the heck are we? Nicole + Krysta! We have our Diploma WSET and Sommelier certification, respectively and teach a bunch of industry wine lovers for our normal lives. This is our opportunity to share all the things we are obsessed with - flavour! stories! history! - in a super-accessible, interesting and not dumbed-down way. Discover the perfect world of natural wine with us! Questions, comments?! Get at us at grapewitches@Gmail.com


x The Witches


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