GW X Gut Oggau: Dream Education Hour

GW X Gut Oggau: Dream Education Hour


We are so beyond thrilled to welcome natural wine heroes Stephanie and Eduard Tscheppe the owners and winemakers at beloved natural wine star Gut Oggau to Toronto for ONE NIGHT ONLY on Wednesday November 7th.

We are kicking off the night with a very special education hour from 6:30- 8 pm at the burdock dream warehouse at 201 geary. We will be featuring a large selection of their wines explained by the makers themselves. WE ARE SO EXCITED as these wines are so rare and special and some of our all-time favourites. There will also be an opportunity to purchase wines by the case - some available right away, others on pre-order. We will taste seven wines - listed below - which will take about an hour. We will stay an extra 30 minutes to answer questions and hang out. VERY SPECIAL TIMES! VERY LIMITED SEATING. One session only.

Wines to be tasted:

2016 Weiss, $86.99 x 6 packs

2017 Winifred Rose, $51.99 x 6 packs

2017 Brutal, $59.99 x 6 packs

2015 Atanasius, $51.99 x 6 packs

2016 Rot, $86.99 x 6 packs

2015 Josephine, $74.99 x 6 packs

2014 Joshuari, $108.99 x 6 packs

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