Paradise Grapewitches Education Hour / 6-7 pm

Paradise Grapewitches Education Hour / 6-7 pm


We are adding a second education session before our party on Thursday September 13th!

Come taste six of the most special private order wines before our main party!

This session is between 6 and 7 pm. We will lovingly kick you out between 7 and 8 pm for session two! The main party - no tickets needed! - starts at 8. More info below. ❤️

The Basics!

taste through 6 very rare and special natural wines and hear their story.

tickets cover 6 sips and one hour of intimate education! 💘

The theme for September is PRIVATE ORDERS. If you have been to any GW parties you know that we are obsessed with yelling about the consignment program in Ontario. Basically there are two (2!) ways to get wine in this province. One is in the LCBO, but buying all of your wine at the LCBO is like buying all your groceries at Costco. Yeah, a few nice almond butters sneak in, but all the tomatoes taste like emptiness and ikea prints.

The best wines are available by the case from agents through the consignment program. This is where we typically buy our wine; think of it like a privately owned wine store you can never go in to. Con: you have to buy by the case. Pro: Ontario is the only province in Canada where you get a wholesale price - aka: what restaurants pay! - and do not pay any retail mark up. This is sweet.

BUT there is a THIRD system you should know about. Meet private orders. Private orders are the CSA box of wine. The most rare, special things from the nicest farmers are available in such limited quantities that you must pre-order them months in advance. They usually take way longer than expected to arrive as they invariably do not conform to Canada’s label laws and tend to require extensive LCBO re-working.

Surprising no one, we adore private orders and have been steadily ordering the most special things. These have slowly arrived and are resting in our ‘cellar’ aka closets. We have been waiting for a special, intimate party to open them all and it has come.

Welcome to Saving Private Orders our backyard, back-to-school, september jam celebrating the most exciting boxes of wine resting precariously in closets in Toronto, Ontario and perhaps the world. Education Hour feature our favourite 6 and additional 4 more added and all by the glass for the main party that begins at 8.

Heck yes.

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