small wines in a small place: education hour! monday jan 22nd, 6:30-8

small wines in a small place: education hour! monday jan 22nd, 6:30-8


It is January and we are sleepy. Our new hobbies include staying home under covers, eating a lot of soup and applying face masks and oils, while double tapping your selfies. 

We are also drinking nice things, but from home. Savouring beautiful bottles from our cellar and drinking them amongst candles, friends and our cats. 


So let's do something different for our January party. We mean, we want to be with you and talk about wine, but it's not the moment for a big party or a bunch of strobe lights (you'll need all your energy for our next party yes!!!!). Join us for a different kind of dream party. Welcome to SMALL WINES IN A SMALL PLACE.

We are slowing down and spreading out. Sharing 8 of our favourites over 90 (!) minutes to a much smaller group. We're throwing in some super sweet things we have been hoarding for ages at the perfect hobbit hole that is superpoint express (269 Dunn Ave, at Queen). Max 20 people. We will do two sessions with completely different (but equally badass) wine. This is the first on Monday January 22nd from 6:30-8.

As an added sweet treat we want to make it easier for you to get your hands on cases (direct from agents) if you fall in love with anything and will bring order sheets for those who want them so you too can be like us, hibernating in your respective baths and ikea couches, falling in love with the most magnificent bottles. 

Welcome to SMALL WINES IN A SMALL PLACE ft. our most favourite small producers in the most sparkly room we can imagine. There will be wine, there will be pizza, we hope there will be you.

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