Smuggler's Cove Education Hour

Smuggler's Cove Education Hour



We are so excited to do our first ever Halifax party at The Ostrich Club on July 22nd.

We would love love LOVE to do an education hour from 7-8 pm before the party kicks off at 8 and will do this if we have at least 15 people who would like to learn with us! Tickets are $30 at the door. Sign up for free by purchasing a free ticket here and we will email you a few days before to confirm!

Why do we want to make this education happen so badly in a city where we know few people? Because it is the best and most fun opportunity to share what we most love!

We will bring SIX (6) of our most favourite natural wines that are not available in Halifax to share before the party. #smugglerscove We will tell you their stories, why we love them so and how to get your hands on them if you fall in love (go to copenhagen with a suitcase! etc. :). Think of it like a staff training for a dream restaurant! It is suitable for all levels from novice to sommelier and we would love to see you there. Guest somm Nicole Raufeisen on deck.

Who the heck are we? Nicole + Krysta! We have our Diploma WSET and Sommelier certification, respectively and teach a bunch of industry wine lovers for our normal lives. Nicole imports natural wines she is obsessed with and Krysta buys them (and many more!) for Toronto’s most thrilling new wine bar Paris Paris. This is our opportunity to share all the things we are obsessed with - flavour! stories! history! - in a super-accessible, interesting and not dumbed-down way. Discover the perfect world of natural wine with us! Questions, comments?! Get at us at 

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