Weingut Brand Education Hour!

Weingut Brand Education Hour!


It is happening!

After falling in love with them in LA (as radiant beams of sunshine pouring the most delicious things), we have finally lured the Weingut Brand brothers, Daniel and Jonas, to Canada. Not only have they won the unofficial, but important prize as Natural Wine’s Cutest Brothers, but they also make tremendous wine in the Pfalz with their parents (and grandparents!) that we have been joyously glug-ing up every chance we get.

Their wines are currently completely sold out, but the brothers have agreed to join our ranks and become professional wine smugglers! Join us as we taste through 6 of their wines and hear the story of Germany, natural wine, sulphur vs. no-sulphur, how to become very cute, and more surprises!

This is the fourth natural wine producer feature and we can’t wait!


Paradise Grapevine, 841 Bloor Street West

Thursday April 25th


What: structured tasting of 6 sips of natural wine led by the makers

After: come back later for a party from 9 pm on!

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