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GW Presents: A Night at the Movies!

We are so super beyond excited to do a collaboration with dream theatre Hot Docs on Thursday October 11th!

Join us as we pair our favourite cult-classic movie clips with the natural wine that best represents them! LOL WHAT. We know! Think of it like an education hour, but with the supplier teacher throwing on a top film between learning and drinking. Like a sleep over where none of us in fact sleep over. We are kicking off the show at 8:30 pm. It is $33 for members, $36 for non-members, which is SO CHEAP because we wanted to make it super accessible and easy. It will include 5 wines, a bunch of fun movie clips, us telling jokes and the chance to hang out before and after sipping sweet natural wine in velour seats, which is what we want for you and us.

Basically what we mean is it is going to be wild and free and fun and check the poster below designed by the talented Carmen Lew and check the hot docs page here for way more details and tickets.