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There is a revolution in wine championing traditional agriculture, low-intervention production, native grapes and almost-forgotten corners around the world. We love sharing it. Here are some things written about what drives us and what we do.

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From our first parties in the Superpoint garage.

they were perfect

The Globe & Mail

Christine Sismondo sits in on an education hour. //

"Wet dog? Wet dog! Wet dog, right?!"

This from the front row at a wine club, where a woman excitedly wanted to share her nosing notes with 30-odd twenty and thirtysomethings, the majority of them women.

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That time we threw a natural wine booze cruise.

some things are better on water

She Does the City 

It was a pleasure to answer thoughtful questions from She Does the City. //

Krysta Oben and Nicole Campbell are the women behind Grape Witches, the friendly Toronto coven that savours all things WINE. Through monthly events, education sessions, and into-the-night dance parties they are re-mystifying wine.

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Will get up v. early to be on the radio talking about things we love.

after we had breakfast at the Ritz

Fresh Air 

Nicole has done some wine writing for the CBC, but it was a true dream come true honour to be on Fresh Air talking about natural wine and what it means to be a woman in the wine industry right now.

Accessibility is an issue extremely dear to us. Transparency and community growth are pillars in who we want to be.

More is more// we can't choose three! Don't make us!

Georgia Straight

The Coast

Toronto Life

Bartender Atlas

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