Fancy + Fine/ August Subscription Option

Fancy + Fine/ August Subscription Option

360.00 every month

For years we have been obsessed with finding and sharing the best wines with you.

It's time we made it official. Welcome to Wine Club. This is our ongoing option for 6 bottles of Fancy + Fine delights. These will be available for pick up or delivery the first week of every month. Cases will also always be available on a month to month basis.

(currently only available in the GTA.)

Each month we offer two limited six packs. A mixed case of our favourite wines of the moment.

This is Fancy + Fine: an exploration of the finest and most spectacular natural wines we have access to. Each month will be a completely different selection and will contain two (2!) bottles of three (3!) show stopping rare wines, along with a hand-written description of the what’s inside and why we love them so. All this delivered to your door or available for west end pick up free-of-charge.

Expect world-famous icons, hard-to-find treasures and new favourites. Perfect to age, impress your friends who think natural wine is bad (lol) or enjoy now because you deserve it.

Delivery and pick up the week of August 5th and the first week of every month thereafter.