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The Coven: DJ Birdapres// GW DJ and our first wizard profile!

The Coven: DJ Birdapres// GW DJ and our first wizard profile!

No grape witch or wizard can be their most powerful without help and love and inspiration. 

Here we introduce the humans we hold near and dear to our hearts. Our brilliant collaborators, teachers, mentors and friends. Up next is DJ Birdapres aka Dane Goulet, our first wizard!!!!! Dane plays such cool music and is our official GW DJ. We are so lucky to have a sweet peach to play the best jams with smoke and incense everywhere! We feed him pizza and he feeds us his soul! We want you to dance with us and he makes it all happennnnnn. Without him it would just be Beyonce!!!!!!

The wizard of music!!!!!

The wizard of music!!!!!

Where are you from? How did this place, or any other place you lived, influence your sound? 

I am from Vancouver, but I've lived and spent time in a few other cities, including Winnipeg and Toronto. Vancouver gave me many sounds and influences. Everything from the teen night clubs of my youth to underground rap nights, basement soul jazz parties and investigating shadowy corners of the city for old records has provided inspiration. There's an undercurrent in that city that can't be properly explained. It's layers deep, and not well documented. 

How do you feel about wine? Do you remember the first glass of wine you had? 

I like wine. It's one of a few things I drink anymore. I can't say I have a definitive memory of drinking it for the first time. I do remember the first time I drank too much wine, because I woke up in the forest with a headache. 

I tend to drink reds. Beyond that I lack the expertise or the memory to narrow it down from there. 

Outside of your soon-to-be extremely illustrious career as official GRAPE WITCH DJ, what other kinds of jobs have you held? 

I spent a number of years selling car parts, which probably doesn't add much to any story. I've also worked as a bouncer and at a couple record shops. If you spend enough time at record stores, you'll end up employed by one eventually. It's a great way to hear different types of music you wouldn't normally listen to, and to hear much more of what you would. That crucial element of discovery heavily informs what I do. I like to incorporate unfamiliar sounds into the music I play. Outside of playing other people's music, I also make off kilter, underground rap. 

Speaking of which, what is next? 

Tough to say, I would guess more of the same. I'm working on a couple musical projects this year, and I'd like to play old records for people as often as I can without making a nuisance of myself. 

What makes your heart beat very fast? 

My heart always beats fast, I think it's a condition of some kind.

Will you write us a rap song? 

I'm fundamentally selfish in this area. I only write rap songs for myself. 

What do you most want to teach the mortals (NON-MUSIC PEOPLE) about your work? 

For starters, I guess that everyone is a music person. From there, that some of the best things out there are those that you have to spend time looking for, and are not always the most visible or most celebrated option.

 I hear you know Lauren, Grape Witch Coven Mistress & CEO of Special Effects, from Winnipeg. Will you tell us how you met her, or your favourite Lauren story?

I met Lauren at a rap night in Winnipeg. We had two very different home related catastrophes in common that evening. I'm not much for telling stories, but this Grape Witch thing is already shaping up to be a good one.  

Are you so excited to be in the coven? What is the most exciting part (besides getting to hang out with beautiful women all the time)?

Who wouldn't be excited? It's a privilege. Outside of the obvious, the most exciting part for me is the dry ice. That stuff never ceases to amaze me. 

3 witchy women you admire?

Eartha Kitt, Ruth White and Barbara The Gray Witch

Wine Seance Rave the second! A recap with BEAUTIFUL* photos.    *yelling

Wine Seance Rave the second! A recap with BEAUTIFUL* photos. *yelling

The Coven: Jenalle Los// Official GW Photographer!

The Coven: Jenalle Los// Official GW Photographer!