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The Coven: Jenalle Los// Official GW Photographer!

The Coven: Jenalle Los// Official GW Photographer!


No grape witch or wizard can be their most powerful without help and love and inspiration. 

Here we introduce the humans we hold near and dear to our hearts. Our brilliant collaborators, teachers, mentors and friends. Up next is Jenalle Los. Nicole first met Jenalle 3 years ago when she was romancing a wizard who was best friend's with Jenalle's husband. The wizard slipped into the night, but Jenalle's star continued to shine bright! Years later, Nicole moved right beside Jenalle without knowing it and they decided they should become Dear Friends. Since then the witches have called on Jenalle to take beautiful photos. She is truly a powerful, talented witch. She captures the energy we feel in our souls. We are so delighted to know and support this special lady. So far she has shot our Frank Cornelissen dinner at Krysta's house (#swoon) and some glamour shots for our website. Many more collaborations to come! 

More more more after the break. Welcome to the coven, Jenalle. We've been expecting you.

xo the witches



where is your family from:

My family all grew up in London, Ontario, about 2 hours southwest of Toronto. My parents are 1st generation Canadian - all 4 of my grandparents came to Canada from the Netherlands. The four of them came from various regions of the country, but generally mid-northern regions. My father's first language was Dutch - a language I have yet to learn for myself.

first time you did something witchy:

I was oddly fascinated with insects as a child, and remember collecting various species (weirdest of them being a giant cicada). June bugs were also a particular favourite. 

My mom has several photos of me in the bathtub covered in mud and dirt - a regular occurrence both for me to be filthy and her to photograph it. On one particular day I wasn't into the idea of being photographed, but my mom took the photo anyway, sending me into hysteria. I was usually a fairly calm, gentle kid, so I think my mom was convinced I had been temporarily bewitched.

first time you took a picture:

I think the first photo I took was with a camera that came with a McDonalds Happy Meal. It was a small film camera, and when I received it I had visions of these beautiful images I would produce as my 7 year old self. If the quality of food at McDonalds has any predictive power, you can imagine how the photos actually turned out. (Yes I blame all failure on the camera alone...not my 7 year old prodigy self).

Jenalle and Krysta reviewing some beautiful shots!

Jenalle and Krysta reviewing some beautiful shots!

My first photographic 'project' was in grade 11 art class, where we had to demonstrate the elements and principles of design using an art medium. I used to do a lot of pencil sketching, and my art teacher kind of forbade me from doing another one for my final project, so I decided to try photography instead. Things progressed from there.

first spell:

I was born 8 weeks premature after several months of poor fetal nutrition (my poor mom vomited her way through pregnancy). I weighed just over 4lbs and with a collapsed lung. The doctors told my parents I would likely be severely developmentally delayed. I somehow managed to dodge all of these issues (for the most part).

what makes your heart beat very fast:

Real food - ingredients as they were made to be. Finding nutrition and luxury at the same time. Butter and whole milk, avocados, braised lamb shoulder, flaky sea salt, hollandaise, soft dates, dark chocolate, pasture raised animals, fermented vegetables, stewed fruits, pickled, cured or smoked fish, fresh herbs. Food and drink is magic to me. 

Unrelated to food, I'm always craving new information and knowledge. Learning a new project, technique or activity and going out and doing it. Always learning and growing and changing. Life is so full of amazing experiences, if you seek them out.

first boy or girl you ever kissed, tell us the story:
A boy named Rob (Or "Robbie"). I was 15 and he was my first boyfriend. The Lion King was playing for a short-run at our local IMAX and he bought me tickets as a surprise. He kissed me exactly at the climax of 'Can You Feel The Love Tonight". 

Yes. This is a true story. I'm not sure what's more romantic in the eyes of a 15 year old.

how many sultry dresses do you own:

At least 2. 

One has a very low V neck front. I love it. I don't go tits-out often so it feels like a treat.

The other is my wedding dress, which was entirely backless with strands of beads hanging from the shoulders.

how is this human real???? We love her!

how is this human real???? We love her!

what is your favourite thing to make in a cauldron:

I'm not sure if this is partly due to the season, but I love a good braise. Meat roasted low and slow for a long period of time is a magical thing to me. 

what do you most love about photography:

I love how you can take a moment in time and make it look like art. 

what do you most want to teach the normals (NON PHOTOGRAPHY PROFESSIONALS) about your work:

Let's play! I love photographing people doing what they do. It's hard to always come up with creative ideas, and the beauty of photographing people is that you work off their energy and personality - makes the job so easy! So if someone wants to show me who they are, I am there to capture it. I'm currently searching for a modern dancer in a studio space if anyone is interested!

3 witchy women you admire:

HOW DO I PICK ONLY 3?! Nicole did 4 so I am also.

Clarissa Pinkola Estés, author of "Women Who Run With The Wolves". She analyzes ancient stories and mythology that relate to women, and uses those narratives to remind us of who we really are and were meant to be. All of todays 'noise' around who we are or should be as women is only relevant as a contrast to the ancient wisdom she teaches.

Rain Dove - she's a gender-queer supermodel who is killing the fashion scene while challenging social norms and stereotypes at the same time. She gives no fucks. Whoever she wants to be, she allows herself that space to be. Whoever dislikes it is irrelevant to her. I love how she brings focus to not only gender fluidity and the LGBTQ community, but she also challenges me to consider my own womanhood and what that means in todays culture. 

Ina Garten - I am often tempted to change my name to Jeffrey and propose to her. She embraces food and life in a way that is admirable and enviable. I would kill to follow her around for a week (or a month?) and have her teach me all her magical ways. I could probably go on and on about her, but I will contain myself...but OMG! Lady crush and domestic role model to the max.

Annie Leibovitz because duh. Teach me everything.

The Coven: DJ Birdapres// GW DJ and our first wizard profile!

The Coven: DJ Birdapres// GW DJ and our first wizard profile!

The Coven: Lauren Elizabeth Wilton

The Coven: Lauren Elizabeth Wilton