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The Coven: Julie Sopuck, Vancouver, BC

The Coven: Julie Sopuck, Vancouver, BC

Julie Sopuck. We first met Julie behind the bar at one of our favourite Vancouver restaurants Burdock & Co. She was warm, incredibly knowledgable and just a bit mischievous, in a way that pleased us greatly. She excelled in hospitality and wine, a traditionally masculine space, with grace and femininity that exuded a real realness we were and continue to be completely about. We are so beyond thrilled to work with her for our first Grape Witch Seance on the Road this coming Monday in Vancouver. Tickets and details here.

Welcome to the coven Julie! We love you! 

killer babe queen

killer babe queen

where is your family from: 

Winnipeg! I’m a Prairie Girl thru and thru

first time you did something witchy:

grade 5 or 6, my friend Heidi and I tried to take out Wicca books from the library but the Librarian told us we had to come back with a parent!

first spell

Sturgeon moon, August 2016. A spell of letting go and release, wrote it on a piece of paper and sunk it in the ocean under the full moon. It was powerful! Taught me to be aware of how and where I direct my energy.

what makes your heart beat very fast

Breaking bread, over candle light, eating with your hands and scraping every last morsel off the plate with your fingers, seductive wine that conjures deep conversations late into the night.

first proper crush kiss.

Eric. He walked me home and stood under the street lamp outside my house, it was misting rain. He was so tall! Gazed down at me, held my left cheek in his right hand, slowly leaned in and kissed me. Gently, but with confidence. Right out of a fucking rom com.

how many sultry dresses do you own?

SO MANY! And really not enough.

what is your favourite thing to make in a cauldron

Chaga Tea. It’s a medicinal mushroom that grows on birch trees and is incredibly good for you. 

how long have you worked at burdock?

Almost 3 years. And I was a regular before that! 

what makes it such a special haven?

The people, staff and guests. There’s a magic that happens when people are open to the adventure of food and wine and sexy lighting and table neighbours and listening to stories about farmers and winemakers. And the staff… we love what we do. No selling, just talking from the heart. That is so important

tell us about the ghost we heard lives there!!!

We’re still getting to know each other. Definitely sensitive, knows how to flex and be heard, sometimes playful. Surprisingly helpful during service though, often assisting with a tight table flip (seriously people, I’m not kidding). However, last year we had a series of unfortunate events, which resulted in me smudging and taping hand-written, positive words around the room in an effort to readjust the energy. This year again (exact same time of year!) our ghost seems to be acting out and upset. I’m starting to think they don’t like Valentine’s day (me neither, babe). 

what is your favourite thing about wine? 

The stories. It’s not just about what happens in the glass, there’s so much before that. You have to understand the time and place and winemaker. And then you can understand the wine, experience it’s evolution and variation! Like us, it is ever-changing and alive!

thing people should stop drinking

Alcoholic Grape Beverage. Shitty “wine” that is highly manipulated and full of chemicals, sugars, artificial flavourings, etc… The fast-food of the wine world. NO

thing people should drink more of

Red wines with notes of tar, leather, meat, iron (blood), smoke, mushrooms, barnyard… More barnyard!

three witchy women you admire

Andrea Carlson (burdock chef and owner!) – she is incredibly intuitive and sensitive to energy, a powerful witch. She also has so much integrity in her work, once decided on a philosophy and vision there is no wavering or compromise. Rare to see and hard to do. Plus… the talent! 

Jenny Moore – best friend and soul twin since high school. Now she’s KILLING it in London as an artist, musician and a BOSS lady, fighting for women’s rights, female sexuality and all the deeply important things!

Camille Flanjack - My beautiful platonic wife and forager extraordinaire! So in tune with all wild edible and witchy things! She has a great understanding of the symbiotic relationships that exist in the forest. She taught me that foraging is not about us owning and taking what we find but about graciously receiving gifts from Mother Earth and the respect and reciprocation that is necessary for a healthy partnership between human and nature. 


The Coven: Samantha Howden

The Coven: Samantha Howden

Wine Seance Rave the second! A recap with BEAUTIFUL* photos.    *yelling

Wine Seance Rave the second! A recap with BEAUTIFUL* photos. *yelling