We are Nicole & Krysta, The Grape Witches.  We are obsessed with flavour, story telling and natural wine. We throw monthly natural wine events and educational seminars big and small in Toronto. Join us.   

The Coven: Madeleine Hayles & Irene Dongas

The Coven: Madeleine Hayles & Irene Dongas


By hardly believe we mean can't hardly wait! 

One of the most amazing parts of Grape Witches is working with people we admire the most. For those who do not know, Midfield is a warm, dark dream-den on the corner of Gladstone and Queen. It is full of magical wines, very cute daily offers (champagne and fried chicken! sunday staff meal!) and a super-educated, passionate staff who help disturbingly attractive guests navigate their list of treasures.

Behind that list are Madeleine Hayles and Irene Dongas, two incredible women with great palates and excellent style. They are warm and kind and funny and bring the best energy to the space; we think this comes from them being obsessed with what they do and having a cool boss (love u G).

Tomorrow Madeleine and Irene are our GUEST WITCHES for the evening! They've picked some of their favourite wines (many of them sparkle!!) and will join us for Education Hour for the lucky few who have tickets (we promise to find a way to accommodate more next time!!) and for the party itself! 

Having more witches = more ability to come talk to you about the wine/ dance with you all night long! If you see any of us wandering the party tomorrow, ask us everything! But enough about that!!!! More about Irene and Madeleine below. xoxoxoxo 

 Madeleine and Irene! We love you!!!

Madeleine and Irene! We love you!!!

Full name:  Madeleine Kirsten Hayles & Irene Irini Dongas

Star sign:  

M - Capricorn

I - Leo

Favourite season:

M – spring

I – summer

Favourite outfit:

M – literally Clare Danes in My So Called Life

I – black.



Go-to dance move:

M – aerial acrobatics

I –  the closed eyes sway

Go-to pump-me-up song:

M –  Kevin Gates - 2 Phones

I –  New Order – Blue Monday

First time you did something witchy:

M – light as a feather stiff as a board after watching The Craft in 7th grade    

I – 7th grade = first tarot card deck (what’s the deal with witchiness and 7th grade)



First crush:

M – Donnie Darko (but not Jake Gyllenhaal)

I – Michael Hutchence

What is it about wine?

M – all of the feels

I –  the delicious blood of the earth

Dream region you would like to visit, why?

M – Pantelleria

I – Mosel Valley



What do you wish non-wine professionals to know about wine?

M – keep an open mind, don’t choose one wine that you like, drink everything, drink the thing that you think you don’t like and maybe you’ll like it! say no to the comfort zone!

I - the myth of the sulphite: you’re not getting a hangover from your ‘sulphite allergy’, you’re getting a hangover from residual sugar (and probably overconsumption).  if you drink lighter bodied wine you’ll probably have a more gentle hangover!

What else makes your heart beat v. fast?

M – sweet finds at the Woodbridge LCBO [editor's note! this is the WINES OF ITALY specialty store. V. great stuff! Go here!)

I – husky puppies



Tell us a secret! 

M –  Giuseppe [owner at Midfield] has no idea how many times I've given his number when people have asked for mine at the bar. 

I – it’s all in the sauce

 Call Giuseppe! He is super nice! 

Call Giuseppe! He is super nice! 

Tell us a dream! 

M – i’m in space but there are whales!  space whales!

I – i’m in a tub full of spaghetti and i get to eat it all.

Tell us something you'd like to leave behind! 

M – all my regrets

I – everything! always moving forward

Three women you admire!

M – Hildegard of Bingen, Sade, Buffy

I – my mama, all of the women in Lysistrata, Frida Kahlo




WE LOVE THESE WOMEN! See you tomorrow! Monday April 3rd from 9 pm - 1 am at SUPERPOINT. 184 Oss. The back. x


The Coven: Samantha Howden

The Coven: Samantha Howden

The Coven: Julie Sopuck, Vancouver, BC

The Coven: Julie Sopuck, Vancouver, BC