We are Nicole (witch name, la petite garçon) & Krysta (witch name, kika), but prefer if you refer to us by our maiden name, The Grape Witches.  We live and breathe the best wine and magic. Together our coven is deliciously unstoppable. Events. Reviews. Sorcery. 

NEWSLETTER ARCHIVE// april showers

NEWSLETTER ARCHIVE// april showers

ARIES FIRE: a prelude to a sweet spring night!!

Spring is here! Kind of! We are buying ourselves many tulips, deeply inhaling the muddy-wet earth and leaving our tights in a tangled mess, bravely pretending our goose-bumps are from new-crushes close by and not our core temperatures rapidly falling.

Magic in cold weather is nice. There are candles, a lot of plush layers and fires we learned how to make very well as brash girls, but the rebirth of spring is something else. The world comes to life and we want to do everything. Mostly throw a bunch of weird parties and events with you! 

Our next party is TOMORROW at Superpoint in Toronto from 9 pm - 1 am! What the heck! We are throwing our most ambitious SEANCE RAVE of all time. NINE rad wines and one rogue beer - WEIRD! Don't tell anyone, but we sometimes drink beer (only if it is aged in wine barrels and tastes like forgotten mountain berries). We are featuring aBurdock beer because those Toronto boys are so darned cute and also v. good at their jobs PLUS it is their second birthday 2morrow! If you have not been to Burdock you should go, their wine list is secretly awesome. 

But we are getting off track! 

There is way more than best wines for cheap cheap tomorrow. We also have soooooo many performers. 

<<PSA: glass prices including tax always! bring cash for easy life 4 u AND PROBS US!!>> 

A secret! Our hearts' desire is to throw wicked parties with the best wines (casually served by a bunch of fierce hussies). We are p. experienced hussies! But the WICKED PARTY part is only possible with the help of our village of cool friends (spoiler: we are dweebs!!!).


Guest Witches! Madeleine and Irene from Midfield are the coolest and are lending their minds and hearts and dresses to us for the night. More about them hereLauren is directing dry ice distribution as usual, and guest wizard Scott Zebarth is the most overqualified barback in the game, polishing lipstick off glasses all night long. All of these talented, sweet people will pour you magnificent grape elixirs for fair prices and charm your socks off for free (socks not required!). 

Vinyl Wizard! Brendan Canning won't stop telling us how many Junos he's won. WE GET IT YOU ARE V. FAMOUS AND COOL.  We heard there is a new Broken Social Scene album coming out soon and that they slayed the Colbert show, but most importantly he is COMING TOMORROW to play music for a pile of pizza crumbs, a vile of sparkles and some wine we buried last October in a Kvevri. Thank you, Brendan! xoxox

Visual Queens! Kate and Gaëlle are rad artist babes we like very much. This is their second time doing visuals for us and we can't wait to see what they've come up with for our ARIES FIRE SPRING BIRTH theme, a thin veil of an excuse for us to paint and hold many balloons, a childhood dream. 

Your Truth Reflected! Sam is on tarot and is one powerful woman. More about her inspiration here

The Queen of Everything/ A Dance! Amber Joliat is the owner of Misfit Studio, a movement emporium opening up the hearts of half of the west end, while making their butts look like perfect peach emojis. This aries spitfire is back to entrance us with a spell conjured by her body. I mean, whoa. 

Our Education Hour before the event is totally sold out (cool!!!), but the party is open open open. No cover, open 9 pm - 1 am in the back garage of Superpoint, 184 Ossington. This month we may have acquired 2 x more velvet, two car loads worth of balloons from etobicoke, an entire dollar stores worth of streamers, A PINATA FOR THE BACK ALLEY!!!, and more dry ice than we think possible to use in one evening (we love a challenge!!!!). All that to say, it is going to be totally awesome and you should def. come.


 A lot, dear friends! 

This month:

We are doing a speaking event on duos! This is very cute! Follow our insta for details or online at Pecha Kucha. This is different than Pikachu! More on both later! 

We are going to be on a cool podcast called Foodstuffs! We love Jessica! We will post it when it is live! We will maybe (probably) swear and reveal all our secrets including 3-7 lovers! J/k! Are we!?

Something is rumbling with our lovely friends Jess and Josh at Bartender Atlas

Our next Vancouver Seance Rave is booked!!!! More details soooon but reserve the night of Monday May 22nd in your moon calendars!!! YASSSS. Much bigger space to accommodate all you wild mountaineers. #SWOON

BEFORE THAT WE ARE GOING TO LOIRE VALLEY FOR A WEEK. So get ready for the castle edition of the seance rave where we try very hard to not burn our air bnb treehouse to embers, but come kind of close and learn a bunch of stuff to share with you for our June party! 

LAST COOL THING! We are working on our first collaboration with a winemaker we are obsessed with from GREECE. Whoa! This will be a different type of event! More education for everyone, diving super deep into one region and maybe giving everyone who comes a little button that says "Ask Me About Greek Wine!". We'll keep workshopping this pin! Strange useless merch is so overdue! 

That is all sweet kittens. We love you greatly and can't wait to dance with you tomorrow. 

As always get at us with thoughts, questions, love notes, poems and concerns. grapewitches@gmail.com

xoxoxoxo the witches

nicole & krysta 



NEWSLETTER ARCHIVE// march madness

NEWSLETTER ARCHIVE// march madness