We are Nicole & Krysta, The Grape Witches.  We are obsessed with flavour, story telling and natural wine. We throw monthly natural wine events and educational seminars big and small in Toronto. Join us.   

NEWSLETTER ARCHIVE// march madness

NEWSLETTER ARCHIVE// march madness

Dearest coven,

Our deepest gratitude for coming on the wild ride that is Grape Witches!

This month has been insane! A recap and an invitation. #SWOON

The number one question we receive is, sooooo what are you doing?! Lol we love this! Isn't it great to not be bound by silly things like language and logic?! We have decided, post-conception, that we are the magical realists of the wine world! Don't fantasy elements exist in all the best elements of creation and life? Isn't something as powerful, dynamic and changing as food and wine naturally lend itself to intensity, mystery and critique? The intensity is the deep, guttural, evocative feeling that real wine from far corners of the world brings. The mystery is the art and performance of our friends (and what happens when we buy 20 kg of dry ice for a small garage!). The critique is a rejection of the male gaze as the sole conduit to access the world of wine. It is a rejection of mass-produced wines for regular people (because real wine is too compicated). It is a rejection of velvet as a fabric for 'special occasions'. It is a rejection of the amount of exclamation marks one should use in a single instagram post. Important things like that. 

Before we employ our super useful arts degrees too hard, we did get to yell about what we're all about this month with the wonderful women on CIUT's detangled! It was so much fun to talk feminism, wine and how much we hate La La Land (+ love Rupi Kaur) with these smart, switched on ladies. Listen to it here! We are the last segment of episode 44! When we go on CBC we promise to not swear! #havenotpitchedthemyet #intentionsetting

We also held TWO parties last month! Whoa! One in Toronto and our first wine seance rave on the road in Vancouver! We were so chuffed to have our event featured in Vancouver's Georgia Straight! You can read about it here! Thanks, Kurtis! As an aside, Krysta's given name is Industry Colleague. Her mom knew early she would be a fierce leader and hospitality sorcerer! Aren't we lucky to steal her charm!  lololol

The events were so so soooooo awesome. Each one is getting weirder and more beautiful! We can't wait to throw these around the world! (#NYCinApril). A slew of photos below. Huge thanks to official GW photographer Jenalle Los for all the beautiful snaps as always! A massive thanks to all the Vancouver humans who made this possible especially all of the wonderful souls at GW favourite Burdock & Co . The best. We smuggled 10 magnums from Ontario stars Norm Hardie and Pearl Morissette in our suitcase + $400 worth of velvet. It was strange and wonderful! On the way home we packed over 100 roses to dry from floral queens Al and Nassi at Wildbunch. Confusing TSA agents everywhere!

BUT enough about the past! We want to yell about the future! Specifically our next event which is happening sooooooooo soon! Join us this coming Monday March 6th from 9 pm - 1 am for what is sure to be the best party yet at Superpoint in Toronto! 

We are kicking it off with two (!) EDUCATION HOURS. Here we yell and whisper about the stories behind the wines we are obsessed with. For $20 you'll taste through all 7 wines on offer for the night, learn about the cute winemaker who put them in the bottle, where in the world they are from and how to find wines like them + maybe meet some new friends and crushes!!! In wonderful news, one of the winemakers we are featuring who happens to be visiting from Alsace will join us! What! 

We have just two spots left for our 8-9 pm slot! Sign up here!

We have about ten spots left for our 7-8 pm slot! Sign up here! Have a slice or pizza and a salad for the hour before the party begins at Superpoint! Dream night.

At 9 pm the party begins!!! 

One of the elements we've always wanted to include is art and performance. It's finally happening!!!! We have Amber Joliat, incredible woman and inspirer to so many with all of her fierce fire spreading at Misfit casting our opening spell, which is sure to be something to behold. Amber is full of such wisdom and electrifying energy we wish to bottle and dab on ourselves each morning. The spell will be cast at 9:30 sharp, so be sure to arrive early! (and stay late)

Kate Young and Gaelle Legrand will grace the room with beautiful projections. 

Incredible magical creature Samantha Howden will read our hearts and fortunes on tarot. 

GW friend Brendan Canning will allow us to pay him 1/100th of his normal fee in actual eaten peanut shells because he loves natural wine and great vibes as much as we do. We can't wait for his guest DJ spot. 

GW long time friend Ruby Smith-Merovitz will be our guest witch of the evening, coming all the way from London, England to wear a gown with us.

Biodynamic Alsatian winemaker/ part time hearthrob Philippe Zinck will attend the night and share his wine! 

Whoa whoa whoa! Almost too much awesome to physically handle. We can't wait to see you all there!!!!!

Questions? Concerns? Love notes?!?!!?

As always get at us at @grapewitches on all the platforms or at grapewitches@gmail.com. 

More fotos after the break! 


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