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MAY DAY party coming ! + Vancouver announcement! + Krysta in NYC & a bunch of other updates

Oh hello old friend,

April has rained downed upon us and winked a little (sun splatterings! bud blossomings!) ; the sticky, summer days approach and we can't wait. 

We have so many GW updates! 

I mean OBVIOUSLY our next party is super soon and that is the best. We will convene at 8 pm (one hour earlier for all you day walkers!) and dance till the moon strikes 1 (and maybe a bit after!!). 

Monday May 1st is not just any party, but our May Day Party. May Day is a traditional spring holiday in many cultures, including Gaelic ones where it is more commonly known as BELTANE, aka one of the witchiest days of the year. Beltane falls between the spring equinox (astrological start of spring! length of day and night about equal!) and the summer solstice (longest night of the year OR - glasses on - when earth's rotational axis is most inclined toward the sun, the star it orbits #whoa). I mean, not to get technical, but planet stuff is so cool and affects us (and our wine) so profoundly.

Beltane is known as the beginning of summer, a time of fertility and change. Traditionally this was marked by a bunch of cleansing bonfires. This sounds like the best ever and while we encourage you to invite us to all of your (many?) bonfires (and barbecues!), we seriously promised Jonny that we wouldn't burn down Superpoint. Instead of actualizing the alley fire that constantly burns in our hearts and eyes, we recruited the fiercly talented spiritual spit-fire (and yoga queen) Krista Marie-Star to lead us in an energizing Beltane ritual salute. WOW! Ribbons are involved and not just because visiting Michael's is a hobby Nicole reveals to all first dates! We will also drink a bunch of great wine (things like this), dance to music from heartthrob Brendan Canning and feast our eyes on decoration from real life architect extra-ordinaire Carolyn Fearman. Thanks for going to school for so many years to make us the perfect flower wall!!! Plus the wizardly Sam is back to tell all your fortunes. All that to say, this party is going to be awesome. No cover as always and all the fun.

ps: our last party was so nice! Our friend Jess took the best photos and we made a Facebook album like we were in 1st year university (as a hollow ruse to uncover our new crushes' names). Yes, namessssss. Anyone else? No? ANYWAYS HERE ARE THE PHOTOS WE ARE TALKING ABOUT.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way!!! So much more!!!!

1. Our LCBO and U page on our site is up-to-date! All of our weekly LCBO suggestions in one handy place with a bunch of handsome photos. Check it and give us feedback! What do you love, hate and want to see more of other than our cute faces?!? Also, you can find the location to all the speciality stores we've been going on about that feature way more interesting wine here. 

2. We talked to rad-boss/ excellent photographer Jessica Blaine Smith at Bartender Atlas. We love her profile of us! So often reading something about yourself is weird and wildly inaccurate and this nails our hopes and dreams and aspirations on their floppy hats. Thank you, Jessssssssss. 

3. We really love NYC. Krysta went last month and we are bubbling with future plans. Watch out! Patrick, who owns the best wine bar and is an honorary Canadian because of his toques and love of hockey, took her to all the best spots. Her favourite discovery this trip was Rouge Tomate. You should really go and tell the super smart and lovely sommeliere Pascaline that we sent you. It is really the best wine and service you can imagine! 


We had such an insanely lovely time at our Burdock and Co. party and may have served a strong potion to our favourite wine writer Kurtis Kolt. This potion was effective (we are good at our jobs!) and we are so happy to announce we are hosting the TOP DROP VANCOUVER opening party!!!! Tickets are only $10 and you can get them here!!!!

This is insanely exciting. Top Drop is Vancouver's real wine festival. A celebration of nice farmers making grapes and wine honestly. It is a reaction against how expensive, corporate and boring so many larger wine festivals have gotten, insane entry fees removing any small produces from the roster. Kurtis and his partner Jeff Curry decided to do something about it and made a festival celebrating all the things we love and you should too. It is now Vancouver's best wine festival and we are delighted to participate in the smallest (most fun!) way. 

We are like Kurtis and Jeff's rowdy millennial kids, here to support our cool parents, but maybe also scare them a bit in a way that is nice and hopefully will make them proud in the end, as long as they don't have to bail us out of jail!!! All that to say, let's make a really fun, weird, wine party bringing together wine makers and regular humans who love nice stuff.

Join us on Monday May 22nd kicking off a week of Top Drop events in the city. The main event features all the wines and is here.

Our little theme will be Top Drop Through the Ages - we will pick our favourite producers from this year's event and Top Drop's past in a nice place with nice people!!! So much goodness.

WHERE you ask?! We have always loved the insanely beautiful Birds & the Beets coffee shop and were so delighted when some of their crew danced with us at our last Vancouver party. We have convinced (promised!) owner Matt we will not burn the place down (moral of newsletter: no fires!) and we couldn't be happier to use it as our next location!!! AHHHHH! Even more rad, we are bringing EDUCATION HOUR on the road for the first time!!! We will welcome 30 lucky people to taste through the 8 wines on offer for the night presented by us and some of our favourite winemakers. It is going to be really really nice. Super informative, good tasting and relaxed, 7-8 pm on Monday May 22nd just before the party kicks off at 8. Tickets here! Join us. No experience required and entry to the party free to all EH go-ers. Major swoon.

Do you hate learning in chairs? That's okay! Just come to the party! Here is the link again! In other MOST EXCITING NEWS our favourite babe-talent hilarious spit-fire ceramist Maggie Boyd(aka DJ YONI MITCHELL) has agreed to make us dance!!!! OMGeeeeeee.

The party will run from 8 pm - 1 am/ whenever Vancouver goes to sleep to do yoga! 

Okay!!! We think that is it! 

Toronto: come dance Monday!

Vancouver: come dance May 22nd! 

All readers: you don't need us to dance! But we love it when we're included. 

Warmest salutations. Send us questions, comments, love notes always. 

bisous bisous

les witches 



NEWSLETTER ARCHIVE// april showers

NEWSLETTER ARCHIVE// april showers