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The Coven: Charlotte Langley

The Coven: Charlotte Langley

We have loved Charlotte Langley for a long time. Charlotte is a PEI native who we can usually find cooking on an open fire at the coolest events and generally doing whatever the fuck she wants in an emboldened, firecracker way that only a hyper-talented, rightly confident person can get away with. What she thinks of as East Coast Hospitality, but we think of as 'Charlotte' has her chasing all of her passions and favourite foods with as many humans as possible. She is usually laughing wildly with a mischievous grin and a very low buttoned top. This is not pretentious cooking, but exceptional flavours in magical spots. Lately she's been hosting the sweetest back yard parties under the name Bits and Bubbs. We are joining her this Monday night to pour our favourite little odds and ends from all the last parties with a few new surprises. Monday also happens to be the largest North American eclipse in 99 years. Mhm. Come chill out with us, eat some food and drink some wine outside while we talk about the moon.


Bibs and Bubbs // oysters// seafood// natural wine// bubbles

 7 - 11: 30 pm

627 Richmond Street West. Us + Charlotte. Reservations here.

More about Charlotte because we want to know it all.


Full name: Charlotte alison Langley 


Star sign:  Aquarius


Favourite season: I love the smell of spring 


Favourite outfit: high waisted dress, pockets, long with a tie 


Favourite place: the train. A bath. Bed 


Go-to late night snack: leftovers of any variety. 


First time you did something witchy: love potions 1992


What is it about food? Engaging in carnal pleasure through your mouth


What is it about wine? See above 


What is it about a space that is all your own? Having a bath than air drying naked anywhere you choose


What is it about unusual, wild spaces? Being scared and inspired at the same time 


What do you wish regular people knew about food? What a gift it is and how we have the job to take better care of it. 


What else makes your heart beat v fast? The moment you are about to fall in love 


Tell us a secret! Underwear is for chumps


Tell us a dream to travel the world on the train


Three women you admire! Anne Sophie Pic. Alice waters. Tobey Nemeth

Somms on a Boat// Adrienne Friesen

Somms on a Boat// Adrienne Friesen