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Writers on a Boat/ Claudia McNeilly

Writers on a Boat/ Claudia McNeilly

Okay wow okay. We don't know exactly when the force that is Claudia McNeilly entered our consciousness, but we know that as soon as it (she!) did we were unable to look away. Claudia is fiercely smart, sassy af and a woman with a twice-a-week food column in a national newspaper at whatever ridiculously young age she is. She is also unapologetically a hot girl eating food and her soulcycle selfies inspire our own selfies, which mostly occur with our cat (nicole) or by a vineyard in spain (krysta). She has been pouring wine at certified great place Archive to learn more and taste everything and we are deeply grateful and honoured to have her pouring wine 4 u on our cruise! 

Will she write about you in a column! Will she really dress like popeye? Will you ask her to take a look at your yet-to-be-published-but-sure-to-be-a-hit-screenplay! Read below to find out and see you ONE WEEK TODAY. We have 20 (!!!) tickets left, so get yours soon right here in this link or miss North America's largest natural wine cruise in Toronto harbour ever (LOL WE ARE OWNING THIS NOW). 

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name// Claudia McNeilly

job// Food and drinks writer, part-time wine pourer 

what do you most love about choosing nice wine for nice people? // I'm happy just being surrounded by nice wine and nice people, I don't care who's choosing!

favourite producer/ wine/ style of the moment// Chateau Leoube's rose has been my go-to nice wine this summer. They specialize in rose (unlike a lot of other producers that make it as an after thought) and the end-result tastes like having a seafood tower lunch on the beach in the south of France. Plus you can get it at the LCBO, which makes things way easier. I knowwwww it's trendy but I've also been happily chugging gruner veltliner all summer.  

greatest misconception about your job you would like to set straight// I'm really lucky to get to do the work that I do, but I'm not exaggerating when I say I spend most work days on my laptop alone in my pyjamas. Writing about food and drinks can be glamorous sometimes but it's also really, really, really, REALLY not glamorous 95% of the time. If my Instagram was realistic it would just be a bunch of pictures of me in my pyjamas with captions like "stress eating candy on deadline again!" 

the title of your autobiography// Can I take this to-go?


greatest boating experience you have had up to this point// My dad had a boat when I was growing up and I loved just cruising around with him on weekends. 


favourite wine to drink surrounded by water while floating// Champagne 


outfit inspiration for august 20th// Honestly I can't get an imagine of Popeye the Sailor out of my head. So... TBA on how that goes. 


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