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Lawyers on a Boat// Lida Yermakova

Lawyers on a Boat// Lida Yermakova

So far we have introduced you to some sommeliers - more coming! - and a writer we like who will be with us on the River Gambler for the now SOLD OUT Grape Witches of the Caribbean on Monday August 20th aka North America's largest natural wine festival on a boat. :)

But sometimes, you have a question a sommelier can't answer! Do you ever just look at a wine list and wonder what Annalise Keating would drink while solving a complex case, in which she is also personally connected?! Do you wonder if Ally Mcbeal exclusively drinks oaked chardonnay or if she has experimented with rich Sicilian whites?! If Elle Woods has discovered orange wine. For these questions and more we present, Lida Yermakova in LAWYERS ON A BOAT.

We first met Lida in a private event for her law firm aka the only tasting we have ever done where everyone was in suits (except for us!). She was extremely cool and we decided we needed to be her friend instantly, which we told her and has become true. Since then we have drank a large amount of Jura red in Trinity Bellwoods and often admire her stunning Israeli rescue dog, Jacob. We keep promising to get arrested and assuring her that she will be our first call! Until then we have hired her to pour you wine. While not a sommelier on land, on the international waters of Lake Ontario, anything goes! Lida is so passionate about wine, sourdough bread, books, talking about and photographing her dog and also fighting for people at work. These are many of our favourite things and we can't wait to have her. More from our Lida below!


name// Lida Yermakova

occupation on land// 5% dog lawyer; 5% wine lawyer; 90% litigator 

occupation on sea// somm's apprentice, party deck hand, starboard deputy witch  

the wine that best describes your personality// I'm Poolside! The Tommy Ruff Poolside that is (see the photo featuring it, me, and Jacob)! I call this my "deathbed wine" and I still vividly remember the first time I had it. It's a Syrah from Australia, but it's really light, clear, and soifable for a red. Apparently it's called Poolside because "poolside" is what comes out if you say "poulsard" with an Australian accent (try it!). I don't know if this story is true, but regardless, it sealed the deal for me as my other great wine love are reds from the Jura. 

the wine that best describes your dog, who we all admire// I've been known to describe some orange wines as being "the exact shade of Jacob", so I think he's definitely a skin-contact creature. I spent the summer drinking the Denavolo "Catavela" -- which is a witches favourite I believe -- and I think Jacob and that wine have a lot in common: happy to be among good friends at a barbecue and equally happy to tag along to your romantic evening in Trinity Bellwoods.   



fashion inspiration for august 20th// Venetian gondolier meets early aughts emo 


favourite restaurant// 100% imanishi. have you MET the maitake tempura? oh my god 


favourite book// On Beauty by Zadie Smith. 


the name of your fictional bakery// Trust Cactus (actually) 


do you go above and beyond for all your other clients wow// I REALLY ACTUALLY DO 


SOMMS ON A BOAT// Laura Jane Faulds

SOMMS ON A BOAT// Laura Jane Faulds

Writers on a Boat/ Claudia McNeilly

Writers on a Boat/ Claudia McNeilly