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SOMMS ON A BOAT// Laura Jane Faulds

SOMMS ON A BOAT// Laura Jane Faulds

We first encountered the next SOMM ON A BOAT Laura Jane Faulds via her whip smart instagram @wine_child. She writes diary-esque entries on how various wines and styles make her feel and they are perfect and we we read them all with a hunger and delight we forgot was inside us the whole time and asked aloud WHO IS SHE WE MUST KNOW HER!?


We immediately slid into her dms beg/ asking her to work with us. 


We are very happy and lucky that she said yes. The boat will be Laura's first GW party, but we hope to convince her to work many more. After cutting her teeth in busy, super high volume institutions, Laura is now managing the thoughtful list at moroccan dream restaurant atlas. While not writing well or posing like an angel, Laura advocates for strong female winemakers wherever she can. We admire her work, love her vibe and can't wait to welcome her to our sold out cruise this coming Monday. More on Ms. Faulds in her own words below. x

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name// laura jane faulds


job// gm & somm @atlasrestaurantto, weird wine writer @wine_child


what do you most love about choosing nice wine for nice people?// as rewarding as it is to find the perfect wine its forever home, i am always happiest when squirrelled away in a cellar, meticulously organizing wine bottles


favourite producer/ wine/ style of the moment// currently having a southern rhone moment: kicky twinkle-eyed whites, & juicy gumdrop reds


greatest misconception about your job you would like to set straight// okay i know this isn't exactly the question, but i need to communicate this information to the world when the opportunity presents itself: when a person at a restaurant is clearing your table, DON'T try to help by passing them your plate! they already have an idea in their head of how they're going to clear the entire table in one go, & when you interfere with that, you're ruining their clever plan and increasing their chances of dropping a knife loudly on the floor by a million 


greatest misconception about your job you would like to remain deliciously obscured// once i poured cream in the milk pitcher because i was too lazy to walk downstairs and get milk


the title of your autobiography// by the banks of her own lagoon


greatest boating experience you have had up to this point// i took myself on a solo trip to liverpool a few days after a horrible break-up. on my last morning there i wandered along the banks along the mersey river & stumbled upon a rickety navy & burgundy houseboat named the Om Shanti. i sat on the pier next to it & did some inhaling & some exhaling. it was the george harrisoniest moment of my life.  


favourite wine to drink surrounded by water while floating// the skinniest saltiest muscadet, while wearing a necklace made out of a sand dollar & a rubber band as a bracelet


outfit inspiration for august 20th// yoko ono beach baby


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