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Woman on a Boat// Erika Altosaar

Woman on a Boat// Erika Altosaar

Our boat party is TWO SLEEPS away and our Somm on a Boat series continues featuring more people we love and respect who will be with us this Monday on the river gambler for GW of the Caribbean.

Meet Erika! So Erika is not a sommelier, but an incredible wine lover and an extremely good server at Paris Paris. At work, find her wearing a linen sack, convincing you to try something that will change your destiny, clearing your plate without you noticing her presence and dancing in between with an energy that surprised and frightens you.

Outside of working hours she is a bitch and a lover. A child and a (cat) mother. A sinner and a saint. And also a reader, artist and Celine Dion aficionado. We are very happy to have her join us and encourage you to call her Ricky and ask her a skill-testing question in French. 

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name// Erika, my stage name is Lil Ricky.

job// Dank wine ambassador over at Paris Paris. [cat mom to Lucy: pictured below]


  what do you most love about choosing nice wine for nice people?// I'm a tender woman and what I love most about choosing nice wine for nice people is the narrative. Wine is so full of mystery and it's so beautiful getting to know it! Sometimes it feels a bit like flash dating and that is exhilarating! Way I see it, if you connect with its profile and it is very delicious, you have found the wine for you! And how fun it is for me to have introduced the two of you! 

favourite producer/ wine/ style of the moment// I think I'm really connecting with new world producers who are pushing limits. I'm really looking to the Adelaide Hills and seeing what those crazy cats are up to down there. Producers like Gentle Folk, Ochota Barrels and Lucy Margaux. I mean, some of them are playing music to their vines and letting some wild stuff happen with bacteria and depending on their mood it seems like anything can go into the pot JUST TO SEE what happens. I'm also keeping a close eye on Lammidia in Abruzzo. They're curious and nerdy and making unruly and delicious wines, which is exactly my speed. 

greatest misconception about your job you would like to set straight// The glamour! What we do is emotionally taxing and we're always pouring ourselves into every exchange! We aren't always sippin' wine and feelin' fine!  

greatest misconception about your job you would like to remain deliciously obscured// The blood, sweat and tears! We're fine guys, really! 

the title of your autobiography// Freak Lemon

greatest boating experience you have had up to this point// They don't call me Scuba Steve for nothin'.

favourite wine to drink surrounded by water while floating// Is it wet? Is it cold? Is it fresh? I'll get to know her, no problem. 

outfit inspiration for august 20th// One of my favourite humans told me that no matter what, I needed to drop gold into the ocean. So, that.


SOMMS ON A BOAT// Laura Jane Faulds

SOMMS ON A BOAT// Laura Jane Faulds