You like us? We like you! We do private stuff! Email us at to book stuff! 

Private Education Hour AKA Structured Natural Wine Tasting

We specialize in natural wine tastings and educational events. Our typical private event is a replica of our popular 'education hour' where we share six natural wines from around the world that tell the story of where wine is now. These are the wines sommeliers are drinking after work and we work very hard to get the most interesting and special wines to share. Our rate for private groups is $40 per person with a minimum spend of $600. Our corporate rate is $50/ person with a minimum of $1000.

This includes six tasting-pours of natural wine, glassware and a hand-painted menu of the tasting and help connecting with private importers if you find a wine you love; we work with 100% consignment wines not in the LCBO. We both have a decade of formal wine training and love sharing this often-closed world with like-minded people in other industries. THE BEST!

Cellar Consultation - $300+ 

We meet with you! You tell us what you'd like! You give us a budget! We do the rest! And deliver! And tell you all about them! What! 

Yelling at You Till You Stop Drinking McDonalds Wine - $20+ if you don't listen!!


Pouring at Your Event in Velvet - $500+ sliding scale + cost of wine 

Pouring at Your Charity Event in Velvet - crown of flowers, block of cheese + cost of wine

Pouring at Your Bro Event - $5000 + buying us velvet

Dancing with You - free!!!!!!!!!! / priceless!!!!