Private Events + Services

We love private events. From birthday parties, to weddings to corporate events big and small, we are here to make your wine experience special. Some ideas and rates below. We customize each event, so please don’t hesitate to reach out with another idea.

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Structured Natural Wine Tasting - private tasting $700+ HST, corporate tasting $1000+ HST

Our fave and a classic!

We specialize in natural wine tastings and educational events. Before each of our parties, we hold seated, structured tastings that act as a natural wine 101 and a deep dive into whatever theme we are focussing on each month. Our typical private event is a replica of this popular 'education hour'. We bring five (hard-to-find, not in the LCBO) natural wines from around the world to wherever you are - home! air bnb! restaurant! - and tell the stories behind each bottle and region. These are the wines sommeliers are really drinking after work and we work very hard to get the most interesting and special wines to share. Our selection changes with every event and can be customized to your group.

Our classic rate for private groups is $40 per person with a minimum spend of $700 + HST. Our classic corporate rate is $50/ person with a minimum of $1000 + HST.

We also have a premium version of these sessions featuring the most highly allocated and spectacular natural wines. Private group $60/ person minimum $1000, corporate rate $70/ person minimum $1300.

Both options include five tasting-pours of natural wine, glassware and a hand-painted menu of the tasting. After the tasting, we share a list of all the wines we tasted and how to find them if you want more.

We both have a decade of formal wine training and teaching and love sharing this often closed world with like-minded people in other industries.

Wedding Consultation - $600 + basic menu consultation - no tasting - you tell us your dream wedding sips and budget and we go from there!

-$1000 + - menu consultation with tasting - consultation with an opportunity to taste the wines we suggest and choose your favourites

-$2 k + on site services - we would love to pour for you or act as on-site sommeliers.

-something we didn’t mention? okay! get at us.

Getting married is so beautiful and deserves wines as beautiful as your love!!!

We are happy to help. Whether you are looking to source excellent natural wines in your budget directly from our favourite agents or something more involved like pairing wine with your dinner or being there in person as very fancy sommeliers/ fielder of questions from your weird-uncle-who-thinks-natural-wine-is-not-real-wines we are here for you. Reach out with your dream and we will make a quote just for you! Long live the electric flavours of love!

Cellar Consultation - $1000 + 

We meet with you! You tell us what you'd like! You give us a budget! We do the rest! And deliver! And tell you all about them! What! 

Yelling at You Till You Stop Drinking McDonalds Wine - $20+ if you don't listen!!


Pouring at Your Event - $1000 + sliding scale + cost of wine 

We love pouring our favourite wines! If you are looking to find and feature delicious wines (and have people talking about why they are the best), we can help! We can help source wine (according to your budget) and pour 4 u!

Pouring at Your Charity Event - crown of flowers, block of cheese + cost of wine

We are a small business and love giving back to our community when we can. We are unable to donate wine, but if you have a budget for wine, we are always happy to donate our time to a like minded cause. Don't hesitate to reach out.