You like us? We like you! We do private stuff! Email us at to book stuff! 

Structured Wine Tasting (fun!) - $300+ sliding scale + cost of wine

Up to 8 people. We take you through some super rad wines! You tell us what you want and we make it happen. Can be LCBO wines, not LCBO wines, old world, new world, expensive, cheap and easy, light bodied, full bodied, focussed on a specific region or a tour of the globe of good stuff. Lots of laughs and good times + learning!

Cellar Consultation - $200+ 

We meet with you! You tell us what you'd like! You give us a budget! We do the rest! And deliver! And tell you all about them! What! 

Yelling at You Till You Stop Drinking McDonalds Wine - $20+ if you don't listen!!


Pouring at Your Event in Velvet - $300+ sliding scale + cost of wine 

Pouring at Your Charity Event in Velvet - crown of flowers, block of cheese + cost of wine

Pouring at Your Bro Event - $5000 + buying us velvet

Dancing with You - free!!!!!!!!!! / priceless!!!!