You like us? We like you! We do private stuff! Email us at to book stuff! 

Private Education Hour AKA Structured Wine Tasting (fun!) - $40/ person (to come to your home!)

$50 / person corporate (sliding scale)

minimum $600 spend

No size limit! We match our classic price for our Education Hour sessions before our parties, but we come to you wherever you are! Home, office, alley way - we don't care!  We take you through six super rad wines. Can be tailored to any specific region or a tour of the globe of good stuff. Lots of laughs and good times + learning! 

Cellar Consultation - $300+ 

We meet with you! You tell us what you'd like! You give us a budget! We do the rest! And deliver! And tell you all about them! What! 

Yelling at You Till You Stop Drinking McDonalds Wine - $20+ if you don't listen!!


Pouring at Your Event in Velvet - $500+ sliding scale + cost of wine 

Pouring at Your Charity Event in Velvet - crown of flowers, block of cheese + cost of wine

Pouring at Your Bro Event - $5000 + buying us velvet

Dancing with You - free!!!!!!!!!! / priceless!!!!