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Grape Witches is a wine bar, a patio, a shop, an event space, a wine agency & a wine club! How did we get here? It started slowly.

Who We Are

Industry Veterans on a Mission

We began as, and always will be, industry veterans on a mission. Founded in 2015, Grape Witches began as a series of parties and educational events pouring the rare and delicious organic, biodynamic and natural wine we loved. The dream? To share the incredible flavours, places and people that made us work in wine - without the traditional stuffy attitude. Fast forward through a few hundred parties big and small; from geeky winemaker events to sweaty dance parties to the world's largest natural wine booze cruise (yes, actually!!), and you'll find us on March 7th 2020 (lol) signing the lease to our first space and launching our natural wine agency, Grape Witch Imports.

Where We're Going

Grape Witches is now an incredible team of people working to make natural wine approachable & available like never before. We are a bustling natural wine store with over 200 constantly rotating wines in store and online. We are Dundas West's cutest back patio - complete with functioning fountain (!). We are an exciting natural wine agency, representing 25 of our favourite wineries directly. And we are Ontario's most unique Wine Club, offering a fully customizable and expertly curated six-pack each month at various price points. And yes, we still love events! Find out more about our entire team below. 

We are a proud to be a certified Ontario Living Wage employer

Our Services

GW Imports

Representing some of the best, most unique small producers and bringing them directly to you, Ontario!

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On the patio, in the Salon, at your nice place or ours - let us pour you nice wine for any occasion.

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Bar & Shop

Visit us at 1247 Dundas St W to browse & sip over 300 natural wines with our knowledgable & friendly staff.

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Wine Club

The only fully customizable natural Wine Club. The ultimate way to discover your new favourites.

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Our People

Amanda Pereira

Logistics & Web

Amanda is a natural problem solver and creative thinker. With a diverse background in visual merchandising, UX/web design and wine service, she creates unforgettable experiences motivated by her never-ending desire to learn. She works to break down barriers in the wine industry because she truly believes that wine should be fun and accessible for everyone. After finding her place slinging natty wine at Lake Inez, she worked a harvest in Niagara and realized her dreams of becoming a terroir-driven winemaker focused on biodiversity and sustainability could become a reality. You’ll find Amanda roaming Riverside or at home with her cats and a juicy Blau or crunchy Chenin Blanc.

Brittany O'Rourke

GWI @ Night & GWI Direct Lead

Coming to the industry from academia and English Literature, Brittany finds herself undeniably pulled to the stories of artisans and families in the world of wine and agriculture. Brittany has spent the most recent part of her career pairing food and wine in the fine dining world, and she *always* wants to hear about what you are having for dinner. Shrugging off her classic wine education past, now Brittany wants to talk about emotion, sensuality, and spirit more than typicity. When she’s outside the shop, you’ll find her sipping a zero zero freaky 5 with her gracefully aging kitty The Duchess, or working through the ever-growing stack of novels on the arm of her couch.

Jaby Dayle

Grant Development

Jaby tries to live by the mantra “it ain’t no fun, if the homies can’t have none!” Having spent years working on both sides of the line, Jaby is now putting their considerable energies towards sharing their love of wine with as many humans as possible. With the love, guidance, and support of many a fine folk they’ve done all kinds of courses (including Somme Factory and WSETs assorted) and worked at a couple of the cutest wine spots in the city :) Feel free to hit them up to chat about wine, ferment revolution, get hella silly, or a happy mixture of all three!

Jasmine 'Jas' Wright

Writing & Creative

A true bon-vivant, Jasmine passionately lives to eat, drink & create. Post art school, she quickly fell into restaurants and wine. After a cellar hand position & curating her first natural wine list, she journeyed to the Okanagan with a wildfire in her belly. A seriously lucky duckling, she was able to work in the vines & cellars of some of the most exploratory natural wineries and cideries in the region – she now dreams of cultivating her own farm and vineyard. Find her writing her forthcoming zine, reading Piet Oudolf, listening to dirty psych rock & rolling around in her garden.

Jessica Sinopoli

Events & Partnerships

In typical Italian fashion Jessica grew up around a table full of her grandmother’s food and homemade wine. From learning how to make tomato sauce to learning the creative process, Jessica loves to tackle anything hands on! After completing her BFA at OCADu Jessica found herself unable to leave her roots behind and spent her time in Italian restaurants discovering new wines and the world of natural wines, serendipitously finding her way here!

Kate Densmore

Licensee Sales

Kate has been twirling around restaurant dining rooms, serving up a cozy and warm attitude in Toronto as sommelier at Alma, a part of the crew at Brothers (RIP) & a sojourn at Clown Bar in Paris, France. She loves concocting puns for wines, while snuggling her cats and sharing pasta with them. Yes, with! Kate is happiest when talking and pouring natural wines - loving playful and energetic cuvées the most. Boy, is she thirsty to have the chance to share the treasures of GW Imports!

Krysta Oben


Krysta started Grape Witches with Nicole VERY late at night, when all the most fun ideas happen! She has spent a *redacted* amount of time working as a sommelier, curating the wine lists and pouring wine into glasses at some of Toronto’s very best restaurants and bars. These days, find her planning trips in search of thrilling wine and beautiful vineyards, writing the wine list at Paris Paris, and in the GW shop & salon asking you questions about what you are in the mood to drink. Please send her photos of your pets.

Lorein 'Lo' Codiamat

General Manager

If you spend time out in Toronto’s west end, chances are you’ve been served by Lorein. Refining her craft at Harbord Room (RIP!), Cocktail Bar, and, most recently as AGM at Grey Gardens, at Grape Witches she braids her passion for fashion, design and all things beautiful. Whether you want to discuss decor, non-traditional tasting notes or which bottle to choose to impress your new boo’s parents, Lo has got you covered.

Nicole Campbell

Co-Founder & Director

Nicole has been working in wine a really long time. Over a decade at one of Canada’s top wine agencies she sold wine to the best restaurants in Toronto and Vancouver and led the creation of a national natural wine division. She has been lucky to make wine in France & Australia, travel to many nice wine regions & completed her (frankly grueling) WSET Diploma in 2015. She started GW as a passion project & is freakin’ delighted to watch it bloom. Wearer of many figurative hats and literal fun pants.

Nicole Raufeisen

Operations & Imports

In a past life as one half of a collaborative artist duo, Nicole accepted nice wine as payment for house sitting gigs. Fifteen years - and an MFA in sculpture - later, she committed to wine professionally. She was most recently co-owner and GM of Little Oak Bar (RIP) & The Ostrich Club restaurants in Halifax and has recently moved to Toronto in a continued effort to chase nice wines. Her passions include nerding out on international logistics, pretending she’s handy (ChefTech ™) and besting her personal record of most wine cases moved in a day.

Quin Elliott-Armstrong

Baby Management (On Leave)

With over a decade of restaurant experience, Quin has managed some of Toronto’s most happening dining rooms. If you’ve seen her in action, you know she’s a natural born vibe-creator with a knack for making everyone feel special. She’s in awe of wine’s magical power to bring people together, and she loves popping bottles for family and friends in her own dining room. When she’s not helping out with all things Grape Witches, you might find her by a lake with a glass of white Burgundy, or cooking up some mushrooms she foraged while sipping on a mug of weird Nebbiolo.

Rachel Matthews

Baby Management (On Leave)

Rachel spent years in boring office jobs before realizing that she enjoys people more than computers, and ambient lighting over fluorescent. Along with a passion for all things delicious, restaurants were the natural go-to. Working at Tennessee Tavern and Paris Paris she was introduced to the world of natural wine. Rachel passed her WSET Diploma in 2020 and is happy to be in the world of (mostly!) un-testable wines. She makes everyone feel welcome in the shop, and loves helping people discover their new fav. Please bring your dogs, and listen to her gush about her two elderly kitties.

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Land Acknowledgment

Grape Witches exists within a settler-colonial state and we acknowledge the role that businesses play in supporting change in our community.

We are committed to dismantling the systemic barriers experienced by marginalized people in our industry and promoting organizations that share our commitment to social and environmental justice.

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