GW Wine Club

One box per month. Four price options. Infinite Possibilities

Exactly the Wine you Want

Now, with over 350 natural wines at our fingertips, we are customizing each subscription. After you register, we’ll reach out to get your preferences — colour, freakiness level, any fave past bottles or things you hate (also helpful). These can change seasonally. Craving more bubbles as summer approaches? Only want to drink rose after May and red after October? Yep, we can do that. We’re delighted to truly offer a personalized sommelier experience.

We're here to help

Ontario doesn’t make it easy. One government store & a hard to navigate system. We’re to help. We’ve spent years tasting, studying & traveling the world, discovering the very best producers.

We wanted a wine club we would want to join full of the most thrilling bottles, matched to the season & each other. Each pack tells a delicious story.

Four Options

Super Fresh


 This is the very lowest we can go, while delivering absolutely delicious natural, biodynamic and organic wines. This is by far our hardest pack to make – as soon as we finish one, we begin the work of sourcing the next – but so rewarding when this comes together. These wines are fresh, fun & meant to drink right now.



Here we sneak in value wines we adore, so we can bust out some fancier wines you can’t find anywhere else. Expect joyful, bright flavours, tons of exclusive private order & Grape Witch Imports wines and some of natural wines brightest stars. These wines are meant to drink now, but can age 1-3 years.



Our other classic wine level, Fancy is our exploration of the best and brightest of the natural wine world. Expect a who’s who of great producers, tons of private orders, imports exclusives and powerfully delicious & complex wines. Bottles can be drunk now, or saved 3-10 years depending on the cuvée.

Super Fancy


In our last year of putting together wine club, there's been a group of super special wines we yearned to include, but were out of our Fancy budget. This is the best of the best of the natural wine world. We are getting more and more incredible producers and hard-to-find cuvées in Ontario (the greatest gift!).


Wine Club FAQs

Every Wine Club pack includes 6 bottles of wine sent once a month. You can also choose to receive 5 bottles per month, if you'd like to receive something a little extra special! You can choose all different bottles of wine if you love exploring or choose two bottles of each wine if you love having one for now and one for later or are sharing the subscription with a friend! You can change your bottle preferences at any time by emailing us at

Yes! With a bursting store and import agency at our fingertips, we have over 350 constantly changing wines to choose from for each subscription. When we say fully customizable we mean it!

Once you subscribe, we'll send you an email with a link to a preferences form to hear all about your fave wines (plus least fave wines!) & anything you're particularly hoping to explore in your subscription. Mostly whites? Mostly reds? Orange wine or bust? The freakier the better? Classic in all the right ways? We can do that! Whether you're brand new to natural wine looking to expand your vocabulary and learn more about your taste or a natural wine pro who knows *exactly* what you'd like, we are here to make you your perfect pack every month. 

For the first month, we'll send you an email to collect your preferences in 1-2 business days after you place your order. As soon as we hear back we'll put together your pack for pick up or shipment. If we are shipping within Toronto, deliveries will arrive the next business day, anywhere else in Ontario arrives within 2-5 business days.

After the first month, we ship your case the business day after your subscription rolls through. If there is a best day to receive subscription - aka only on the weekends! - let us know. Someone 19+ must be present to accept delivery without exception. 

Yes! Every month we send you the notes of the wines we've included. We love feedback! Let us know what you're loving, any bottles that didn't click & anything you discover along the way. We do shift these seasonally - aka summer time will bring juicier whites, roses & sparkling, whereas winter brings more full bodied reds - but if you're looking for something specific email us anytime and we can shift your preferences to accommodate. SEE: fully customizable :) 

We send informative and fun notes of what's inside each pack by email. :) If you have any questions on any of your wines or are looking for more bottles, reach out! 

Things change! You're welcome to cancel or pause your subscription anytime. You can do this directly by sending us an email at and we'll be happy to help.