GW Badge Guide

These handy badges are here to help navigate the (sometimes intimidating!) world of natural wine.

Freaky Scale

Freaky 1

Natural wine isn’t *always* freaky!

Freaky 2

Classic with a twist.

Freaky 3

Where wine gets wild!

Freaky 4

Unhinged, freaky fun.

Freaky 5

Outrageous, other-worldly oddities. Freaks only!


Age Worthy

Here for a good time *and* a long time.


Strange techniques, radical ideas & new perspectives.

Hidden Gems

Under-the-radar varieties, producers or regions we love.

Rare Jewels

Rarities, oddities & top cuvées, here once or twice a year.

The Canon

Benchmark producers & natural
winemaking legends.

Treat Yourself

Über special bottles worth the splurge.

Weekday Bangers

Tuesday-friendly with incredible value.

Weekend Prizes

Fancy meals, second-to-third dates & nice gifts.



Feral, wild game, musk, iron & sweat.


Wafting floral aromas you simply cannot ignore!


Clay or terracotta aging that bring savoury texture.

Crisp & Mineral

Zesty, high acid & crunchy wines to refresh.


All! The! Fruits! Think apples, ripe berries and fresh citrus.

Full & Rich

Bold and beautiful reds, often with oak & spice.

Juicy & Medium-Bodied

Smooth & structured with ripe fruit & supple tannins.

Light & Lifted

Fresh & aromatic reds, often with low ABV.


Raw, roasted, baked & buttered! For the savoury lover.

Plush & Textured

Opulent, full-bodied sips to steal the show and pair with main courses.


From a pinch to a sprinkle, salty flavours create crisp structure that refreshes.


Brine, spice, leather & other non-fruit notes are the star.


Smoked meats, spices & smouldering campfire.


Fresh, dried, toasted and bloomed: spiced flavours abound!


Nectarous fruit and balanced sweetness perfect for food pairing.

Honour Roll

Grape Witch Imports

Producers we absolutely adore & bring directly to Ontario. Bundle for sharpest prices!


No additives at any point in production.

Certified Biodynamic

A stringent certification that takes into account the entire ecosystem of the winery.

Staff Picks

Our favourite bottles of the moment.

Only Here

Only available at GW in the province, maybe even the world! 

Made In Canada

Celine Dion, Niagara Falls & this wine, all from here!

Fruit Friends

Deliciously experimenting with multiple fruits.