GW Badge Guide

These handy badges are here to help navigate the (sometimes intimidating!) world of natural wine. Click on each icon to explore wines from that category.

Freaky Scale

Freaky 1

Natural wine isn’t *always* freaky!

Freaky 2

Classic with a twist.

Freaky 3

Where wine gets wild!

Freaky 4

Unhinged, freaky fun.

Freaky 5

Outrageous, other-worldly oddities. Freaks only!


Age Worthy

Here for a good time *and* a long time.


Strange techniques, radical ideas & new perspectives.

Hidden Gems

Under-the-radar varieties, producers or regions we love.

Rare Jewels

Rarities, oddities & top cuvées, here once or twice a year.

The Canon

Benchmark producers & natural
winemaking legends.

Treat Yourself

Über special bottles worth the splurge.

Weekday Bangers

Tuesday-friendly with incredible value.

Weekend Prizes

Fancy meals, second-to-third dates & nice gifts.



Feral, wild game, musk, iron & sweat.


Wafting floral aromas you simply cannot ignore!


Clay or terracotta aging that bring savoury texture.

Crisp & Mineral

Zesty, high acid & crunchy wines to refresh.


All! The! Fruits! Think apples, ripe berries and fresh citrus.

Full & Rich

Bold and beautiful reds, often with oak & spice.

Juicy & Medium-Bodied

Smooth & structured with ripe fruit & supple tannins.

Light & Lifted

Fresh & aromatic reds, often with low ABV.


Raw, roasted, baked & buttered! For the savoury lover.

Plush & Textured

Opulent, full-bodied sips to steal the show and pair with main courses.


From a pinch to a sprinkle, salty flavours create crisp structure that refreshes.


Brine, spice, leather & other non-fruit notes are the star.


Smoked meats, spices & smouldering campfire.


Fresh, dried, toasted and bloomed: spiced flavours abound!


Nectarous fruit and balanced sweetness perfect for food pairing.

Honour Roll

Grape Witch Imports

Producers we absolutely adore & bring directly to Ontario. Bundle for sharpest prices!


No additives at any point in production.

Certified Biodynamic

A stringent certification that takes into account the entire ecosystem of the winery.

Staff Picks

Our favourite bottles of the moment.

Made In Canada

Celine Dion, Niagara Falls & this wine, all from here!

Fruit Friends

Deliciously experimenting with multiple fruits.