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Here to let you know when a wine is fully or partially fermented and/or aged in clay amphora, aka quevri. Amphora were the first vessels EVER used in the fermentation of wine. Originating in the country of Georgia (aka the birthplace of wine), they have seen a global increase in use by todays natural winemakers. Amphora are porous (like oak), which allows air to circulate, and promotes a softening of tannins, increases the likelihood of developing tertiary notes (such as nuts, baked fruit or chocolate) & offers a stable and generally cool maintenance of temperature for the wine to be brought up in (this means that fermentation can develop slowly, usually making for more complex and stable wine). They can be buried underground for more stable temperature control or left above, lined with beeswax to clog the porous material and lessen oxygen contact, or left unlined. You can find any colour of wine here, with a specific focus on regions like Georgia, while also expanding into the rest of the world. Expect striking texture and supple tannin with complex, savoury mineral flavours.

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