Fancy - Classic Advent Wine Notes

La crème de la crop, here to tickle your fancy bone with so many pristine finds, you may not know what to do with yourself!

Wine Notes by Day

Yves Duport ‘Originelle Reserve Brut Blanc’, Chardonnay, Aligote & Pinot Noir, Bugey, Savoie, France

A celebratory, silken, skinny dip into bubbly luxury, welcome! Yves Duport is a fourth-generation winemaker based in the town of Groslée, a village located in the underrated appellation of Bugey. A blend of organically tended (80%) bodacious chardonnay and sharp aligoté, with (20%) perfumed pinot noir from very calcareous white clay soil, full of ammonites and other fossilized sea molluscs. Made in the Champagne method, with plentiful, soaring bubbles, this sparkling is exactly what we imagine was in the glasses of the mansion party goers in The Great Gatsby. Hazelnut, walnut, honey and butter on crust, apricot jelly, hawthorn, mandarin cream & a grassy bitterness to keep us grounded. Enjoy out of your own vintage coupe, staring out at the frosty overtaking, like the unadorned world is suddenly encased in a nude, Swarovski bodysuit.

Pranzegg, ‘Campill’, Schiava, Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy

A fanciful little train ride brings us down to our next, eager and alluring bottle. Pranzegg is a small wine-growing operation, comprising around three hectares on the slopes above Bolzano, north-east Italy. Called many names, this 100% trollinger, schiava, or vernatsch, is a red Italian grape with delicate, high-toned and pinot-noir-esque savouriness. From loamy, sandy soil of volcanic origin and moraine deposits, the biodynamic fruit boasts tingly minerality. Partially destemmed, with five weeks of maceration pulls chewy tannins from this lighter grape, like a rabbit form a hat. A pocket full of dark rubies, snake eyes, pale cherry, soft wood, pine mushrooms, grandpa’s leather watch, tree bark, tripping over a dark stone in the woods & herbs. Enjoy with speck, spinach or beetroot dumplings tossed with butter and chives, transedence awaits you.

Diego Conterno, ‘Nascetta’, Piedmont, Italy

An Italiano baton pass-off like we are running a liquid relay race! Winemaker Diego and son Stefano dutifully work their 7.5 hectares of organic vineyards, with the aim of giving shape to the best constituents of Monforte d'Alba: structure, texture, minerality & longevity. As they are known for their nebbiolos, this stunning estate nascetta is sometimes unjustly overlooked (good thing you have us!). This pulled-from-the-brink-of-extinction, star regional grape spends two days on the skins, leaving a shimmering serpents tail of a white, with striking acidity and clear direction. Aromatic intensity, steeped citrus, punchy pineapple, rubbed sage, twiggy rosemary, raw almond, stone tumble & winter savory. Do this bottle justice and drink while laying stark naked on a (faux) fur rug, you are the ruler of your days!

Thierry Germain, ‘Les Roches’, Cabernet Franc, Loire Valley, France

Not your grammy’s cab franc, we can tell you that for certain! A serious giant in the natural wine world, Germain was the first winemaker to farm biodynamically in Saumur-Champigny, a testament to the dedication and incredible craftsmanship on display throughout their entire library. A perfectly calibrated equilibrium between guzzling drinkability and opulent depth. The magic they possess seems to finesse and spin this humble Loire grape like straw into gold. Black cherry cornucopia, raspberry aromatics, graphite markings on silky paper, coarse acidity, with a swath of starless undergrowth and savoury power. Enjoy during a snow-capped barbecue, this ready red deserves steak spice in heaps.

Weingut Tauss, ‘Sauvignon Blanc Opok’, Styria, Austria

Staggeringly superb bottle, after knockout bottle, today we follow up with an unequivocally mineral white. From the south of Styria (Austria’s southernmost region), winemaker Roland’s biodynamic estate is six hectares of pure collaboration between man and nature. The courageous sauvy b is destemmed, left on skins overnight, and then gently pressed – creating generosity that is like your tongue is bathing in the tepid lagoons of Aphrodite herself. Yellow apples, bletted quince, braids of hay, crushed oregano, sweet roses, green melon, salty scrapes, chalkboard, sweet orange oil rubbed behind the ear lobe & acidic prickles. Enjoy while planning your new years trip to the Tauss’ property, which also features as a homey, eco-friendly hotel dontchya know!

Zelige-Caravent ‘Zazou’, Mourvèdre, Carignan, Languedoc, France

Welcome back, we heard your call for a full and rich red, and this is our answer. Biodynamic winemakers Marie and Luc Michel’s homestead is a breath taking, untamed oasis, existing harmoniously with oak trees, pines, palms, cacti and herbs. A blend of (80%) tannic and meaty mourvèdre, with (20%) sweetly-spiced and smokey carignan from 45-70 year old, goblet and bush-trained vines on mineral lavishing limestone/clay soils. Destemmed and macerated for 10 days to extract prominent tannins, a red after your own heartstrings. Reflecting the tepid, greenery of the landscape with violets, opening blossoms, bright blackberry, liquorice strand, mortar and pestle remnants, gravel & graphite. Enjoy while building your first snow-person of the season, and sending a picture to the weather network (maybe you’ll win a prize!).

Clandestina, ‘Blanc Fugitiu’, Xarel-lo, Penedes, Catalonia, Spain

Today we skip just over the border to the historic region on Spanish Catalonia. ‘Blanc Fugitio’ is a lucky go-getter of a xarello, not only destined for great things, it IS a great thing. Exciting young winemaker Ferran Lacruz has been farming organically and with biodynamic practices since 2018, trying to do justice to his beloved hometown grapes. Harvested from 50-year-old vines grown on mineral rich, calcareous soils that bestow a pretty, oceanic air to the wine. Fermented with their skins submerged for three weeks, they do not oxygenate or extract too harsh of tannins into this delicately orange wine. Lively acid, like a bunny hopping around playing the lute alongside preserved lemons + their brine, tangerine slices, gravel knee scrape, pear popsicles & dried dragonfruit. Drink with Downton Abbey reruns, a little of the old and a little of the new!

Koerner, ‘La Korse’, Sangiovese, Grenache, Sciacarello, Carignan, Malbec, Clare Valley, Australia

An energetic, Corsican-inspired red blend that rubs you the right way. The Koerner brothers, Damon and Jono, work to produce unique, minimal intervention wines from the sweeping and sweltering Clare Valley, Australia. A rich blend of (37%) vibrant sangiovese, (33%) tannic grenache, (14%) cherried sciacarello, (10%) spiced carignan and (6%) jammy malbec from red clay on limestone. Left on skins for two weeks extracting juicy tannins and staunch aromatics. Charismatically herbaceous, pomegranate stuffed clay pots, strawberry mash, brisk lavender, beetroot & leaf musk. Pour on a quiet evening, when its just you and the soft glow of the tv, as Vanderpump Rules soothes your soul.

Arndorfer, ‘Die Leidenshaft’, Grüner Veltliner, Kamptal, Austria

An unbridled joy in a sea of idle ploys, this Austrian, Burgundian-esque stunner is savoury and supple texture at its finest. From within one of the oldest, most globally recognized fine-wine regions of Austria, Anna and Martin Arndorfer have taken the traditions of their two local winemaking families and made them even better with thoughtful biodynamic farming and meticulous winemaking (their gorgeous new cellar is a sight to behold!). This single vineyard comes from an old parcel of the region’s star grape, Grüner Veltliner and is barrel-fermented and aged on the lees for 10 months to bring a delightfully fuller mouthfeel. While we love fresh Grüner for its bright citrus and cracked pepper, here we see a more serious side. Oxidized yellow plum, soaking herbs, apricot puree, spiky acidity, almond pulp, watery blossoms, honey textured and salty minerality. Enjoy while doing some holiday baking, sugar cookies, chocolate chip & gingerbread, oh my!

Can Rafols Dels Caus, ‘Gran Caus’, Merlot, Penedes, Spain

Feelin’ those winter blues? Haven’t seen a patch of grass in a while? We present you with an antidote in the form of a concentrated, layered and lengthy, savoury winter rosé (rosé in the winter?? We promise you’ll understand at first sip). In 1979, winemaker Carlos Esteva began reworking his grandfather's 17th century estate on the Garraf Massif along Spain's Mediterranean coast, just south of Barcelona. The land is rocky, inhospitable and GORGEOUS (in a Jurassic Park sorta way), yet is home to a delicious range of distinctive microclimates. Like turning right bank Bordeaux on its head, this merlot rosé will surely turn yours! With 18 hours of maceration the wine is terracotta hued to the gods. Green tobacco, dried strawberry, leather wrapped prune, lugano olives & a boysenberry lift. Enjoy while doing your best impression of the sleepy time bear.

Pinard et Filles, ‘En Equilibre’, Pinot noir, Quebec, Canada

A rare Canadian jewel amidst a moat of European delights! ‘En Equilibre’ is only made in the best vintages, with the last time being in 2017! Quebec wine champions Pinard & Filles, aka Catherine Belanger and Frederic Simon, organically farm 2.2 hectares and fully embrace experimentation, minimal-intervention & HYBRID GRAPES. From their organic farm in Magog, the perky pinot from 2021, their best vintage yet, is destemmed, foot-trodden and fermented without intervention before spending 18 months in barrel transfiguring. FUN FACT! Vitis Vinifera (aka European grapes including Pinot Noir) is particularly challenging to grow here, so the absolute best care must be taken to steer clear of disease and ensure proper ripeness. Wild aromatics, black cherry soda, a mouth of dirt (but you like it), cherry skins, liquorice root, a kosher dill worn on ones lapels & as elegant a structure as a ballerina pirouetting. Enjoy with a Quebec spread: smoked meat poutine, smoked meat poutine & smoked meat poutine.

Loimer, ‘Pet Nat’, Muscateller & Grüner Veltliner, Kamptal, Austria

A final adieu to you, kind friend, it’s been a heck of a ride. For this our last day we bring a second and final bubble, because every ending is just a new beginning, and should be celebrated as such! Fred Loimer was among the first Austrian winemakers to convert to biodynamics and has continued leading a wave of low-intervention wines that speak to places & people. If this pet-nat was a person, it’d be Keanu Reeves in Thumbsucker, buttoned-up & perfectly professional with the distinct feeling that he’s… done some things. A blend of wistfully aromatic muscat to bright and peppercorned grüner veltliner, with a lengthy and refreshing foam. Cantaloupe Melona, dried green mango, papaya-infused ginger beer, gooseberries, green apple, sourdough crust & breezy wildflowers with the tiniest kiss of summery sweetness. Drink in tiny, coloured wine glasses with your pinky out, you’ve made it! XOXOXO, GW.