Grape Witches Grant

Grant Update

GW Grant Format

Now in its fourth year, we’re awarding $15,000 in GW Grants – five at $1000, two at $2500 and one at $5000 – to BIPOC wine professionals looking to further their goals in the industry.

Our Grants are meant to meet you where you’re at, whether you’re just starting out in wine, need babysitting to get to that language course, or have an event or project in need of funding. There are SO many paths to a career in wine beyond formal education & we want to help make them happen. By broadening the scope, we’re kicking the doors wide open for fresh faces in the industry and we want you!

Why Grants?

In the past three years, we’ve learned a thing or two. First, that experience is a barrier (and a privilege!) in itself, which is why we’ve expanded our scope of potential applicants - beginners, intermediate and advanced wine levels are all welcome.

There are also many paths to a career in wine beyond formal education. While useful, it takes more than certification to run a business!

Grants can absolutely be awarded for formal wine education, but also for the many other skills it takes to succeed in wine & business.

Application Info

Submission Instructions

Applications Open: Sept 7 2023

Applications Close: Oct 31 2023

We welcome submissions in written, audio and visual formats, or any combination of these.
Please submit your application as an email attachment to with any large files attached via Google Drive – remember to check your sharing permissions! Please include ‘GW Grant Application’ in the subject line, as well as your first and last name in the file name of any included attachments.
Please keep audio or visual files to under 5-7 minutes in length.

Applicants must be residents of Ontario and 19+

What to Include

Introduction & Background
Tell us about yourself! A brief and succinct bio with some background on your journey. (500 words max) Include your name, email, phone number, and social media handles if you'd like.

Goal Creation & Pursuit
What is the immediate goal this funding will support? How does reaching that goal contribute to your longer-term career ambitions?

Detailed Budget & Explanation
What level of funding you are applying for? How will you use your funds to accomplish your goals? What does everything cost? Specifics are key! Include specific line items, anticipated costs and key dates.

Rubric for Assessment

Goal Creation & Pursuit - 50%
Set a clear, concise goal that describes how you see your career beginning or expanding. What specific steps are needed to achieve this goal? In what ways will you contribute to the industry?

Proposed Detailed Budget & Intended Use of Funds - 30%
How can the funds awarded help you pursue your goal? In what ways will this funding be used? Please be specific in the exact purchases, courses, investments etc you intend to make, and how these contribute to your success.

Ability to Express Intent - 20%
We are looking for clear, concise, inspired and informed submissions. What makes you a great applicant?

Post-Submission Process

Once applications close October 31st, we begin our review process and reach out to recipients on December 1st. It’s your choice whether or not you’d like to be publicly announced as a recipient.
We disperse funds in December – please note that this is considered taxable income and will need to be included on your 2023 taxes.

Applications will be anonymously considered by an outside wine professional, a past recipient of the GW Grant and one member of the GW team.

Updates and reminders will be posted on our Instagram page so stay tuned!

Possible Pathways

Examples of Funding Use

Here are some examples of how funding can be used — this is simply a jumping-off point, not a strict set of strict parameters. We do not require receipts or proof of purchase (though you should keep them on file for tax purposes!) but we are invested in knowing exactly how these funds will contribute to your overall goal through the detailed budget proposal submitted with your application.

These are just suggestions and can be combined across funding tiers – feel free to do your own research on what serves you best.

$1000 (5 Available)

WSET 1 (online, or in-person)
WSET 2 (online)
Website Development
Accounting Courses
Management or Business Courses
Language & Translation Courses
Marketing & Communication Courses
Mental Health Services
Dental Health Services
Event Production

$2500 (2 Available)

WSET 2 (online, or in-person)
WSET 3 (online, or in-person)
Website Development
Marketing & Advertising
Language & Translation Courses
Mental Health Services
Dental Health Services
Event Production
Entrepreneurial Courses and Business Start-Up Costs
Travel for Wine Research & Experience (fairs, wineries, harvests etc)

$5000 (1 Available)

Sommelier Factory (Certified & Advanced Programs)
CAPS Certified Sommelier Program
Event Production
Entrepreneurial Courses and Business Start-Up Costs
Travel for Wine Research & Experience (fairs, wineries, harvests etc)

Want to Donate?

Want to help us raise money for our Grant? Out of province or country, but would like to help out? This option is for you, you kind soul!

A straight donation with 100% of funds allocated to our multi-level grant. Link to Donate Here

Please note that we are required to charge HST on all sales as we are not a registered charity - yet!