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How does this work?
The Advent calendar is a super, special 12-bottle case released once a year during the holidays. It comes in a custom box that allows you to open each bottle without revealing the others to keep the surprise going all month long!

What is ‘Classic’?
Classic is for those who want to enjoy the most elegant wines, love pristine flavours and regional grapes that speak to tradition. Perfect for lunching with aunts and impressing the in-laws.

What is ‘Freaky’?
Enjoy the cloudier things in life?! Freaky is for you. This is where things get wild in the most exciting way. Think unfamiliar flavours, bright acidity, some pleasurable VA + Brett. Energy and chaos may you beautifully reign!

What wines do I get?
We’ve chosen an incredible selection of wines in each Advent from around the world, including sparkling, whites, rosés, orange wines and reds. If we told you what they were in advance, it would ruin the surprise and nobody likes a spoiler. Your box will come with detailed (and entertaining!) notes of what’s inside.

When will I receive my Advent calendar?
They’ll start shipping December 1st and will arrive with plenty of time to open all 12 days before the holidays are over.

Will there be notes?
Yes! There’s nothing we love more than telling a story and our talented writer Jas has worked overtime to produce some truly hilarious and informative notes. You’ll receive a link to access the them online inside your Advent box.