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Loire-Stan Club

Loire-Stan Club

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K we like REALLY love the Loire Valley. We have vowed to love and cherish it and it's impeccable grapes for the rest of eternity. That may sound very intense, but once you get into the Loire, there's no going back. Please join our fan club!!!
K we like REALLY love the Loire Valley. We have vowed to love and cherish it and it's impeccable grapes for the rest of eternity. That may sound very intense, but once you get into the Loire, there's no going back. Please join our fan club!!!

Chenin Blanc, Loire Valley, France | Les Gruches is a higher-end cuvée of Chenin Blanc vinified from two clay-limestone plots in Saumur, one with extremely low-yield, 80 year old vines. This is a dense & expressive wine with an innate quality of wisdom & easy sophistication. Speaking of wisdom, this wine is cellarable for up to five years after release, softening & filling out as it matures. In its youth (AKA if you can’t or won’t wait, which we can’t blame you for), it’s giving leaner Vouvray — lithe as opposed to ample, sexy & austere like Jerry Hall in a white silk pantsuit — Asian pear & honeydew melon countered by heaps of glistening minerals. Ginger chews, honeyed apricot, caramel drizzle & a squeeze of lemon with a taut core of ruthless acidity that makes it perfect for things like lush lobster in cream sauce. Drinking a glass makes you feel like a way classier and slinkier version of yourself instantaneously; you just want to sashay around the house and call everyone “dahhhling,” even your cat.

Chardonnay & Chenin Blanc, Loire Valley, France | Few things hit that sweet spot between Fresh and Fancy quite like this luminescent sparkling pet-nat from Domaine Bobinet. It’s the platonic ideal of an everyday sparkling with the angelic vibes very expensive Champagne, which it is not and isn’t trying to be – it’s just beautiful in its own right! Rififi was made with a single fermentation in-bottle and unlike most pet-nats, was disgorged to remove the sediment, giving this wine a very alluring clairvoyance and elegance. Charismatic Chenin Blanc meets the always dependable and body-rich Chardonnay for a silken, Brie-like mouthfeel. Like an ice cold winter morning, bone-dry with notes of taut, pithy white citrus, baked apple, white peach & an incandescent acidity and fine, precise mousse. Be extra careful when undoing the cage as the bubbles are extra-powerful on this puppy! Perfect for literally any occasion, drink during a chic, moonlit dinner party on a hot summer night in someone’s beautiful backyard, or maybe in your bathtub, like that GIF of Oprah.

Cabernet Franc | A Cab Franc for all seasons: juicy, meaty, fresh & floral. Cab Franc is like Cab Sauv’s cool younger sibling who went to art school, makes pottery & reads voraciously. This wine performs to the best of its ability when slightly chilled, but still has texture & complexity to bite into. A thirst quenching vin de soif with bright red fruit from partial carbonic maceration, a well-mannered wine that can still let its hair down when the moment feels right.

Cabernet Franc | A wise, muscular & age worthy Cabernet Franc, moody & even a little bit mean! But in a cool way, like a snappy professor who just doesn’t have time for your shenanigans. Dried sage, blueberry trail mix, hot chocolate powder, soy-soaked enoki mushroom. Pairs perfectly with: scratchy tartan flannel, Rear Window, splurging on a full set of vintage leather-bound encyclopedias bc you are a fancy smarty pants & so is this spectacular wine!

Cabernet Franc | First things first, let’s all take a moment to sit quietly & reflect on this wine’s witty moniker which we wish the real Greta Garbo had lived to see & appreciate. Having a wine named after you is an even greater honour than winning an Academy Award, especially if it is a pun at the same time. Just like Garbo, Carbo is a legend, the revered sort of cult wine that unites the world’s hypebeasts, wine snobs, & regular cool people with good taste with its undeniable excellence. The ‘Carbo’ is a nod to carbonic maceration, the mode of vinification used to give this single parcel Cab Franc it’s dazzlingly bright & extracted red fruit flavours, like an amplified, saturated version of Cab Franc with the volume turned all the way up. Hazy sandalwood-sy incense vibes and a silky, glossy texture with whimsical depth comefrom eight months in oak. This is a magical mystical red, captivating & spellbinding, to share with your favourite person in the world, someone who Gets It & whose allure it won’t be lost on. Cab Franc’s signature greenness shows up to the party, followed by a dash of black pepper, cherry lollipop, strawberry Twizzler, forest, filth & squishy mud between your toes. Pairs perfectly with black velvet, water signs & sapphires. Drink on the night of the full moon.

Chenin Blanc | It’s an open secret that we’re head over heels in love with Chenin Blanc, often at the expense of, um, every other wine grape. It’s just so perfect! A honey soft tropical daydream with laser beam acidity that somehow always manages to express soil & terroir with Frank O’Hara-level poetic depth? It’s just so hard to say no to, especially because it has a freaking BUNNY on the label!! Yes, it’s true: some things in life are perfect and this is one of them. A joyous romp through a perfectly sunlit field of wildflowers in late May & bare feet with all-white linen. 48 hours of lees contact and full malolactic fermentation, with crunchy mineral undertones from chalky soils. Dandelion lemonade, lime leaf, almost-ripe pear, apple frangipane tart. Serve with roasted carrots, goat cheese & edible flowers next time you have Joni Mitchell over for dinner.

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