AA Durrmann

AA Durrmann

The Durrmann family winery is located in the idyllic Alsatian town of Andlau, where grapes have been grown for a literal millennium. The winery was founded by Yann's grandfather, who owned a few vineyards, but was primarily a shoemaker (CUTE!!!).

The Durrmanns' attained organic certification in 1998 and now farm biodynamically on the picturesque hillsides depicted on their labels, which all look like they should be the cover of a 1950s paperback edition of The Wind In The Willows. In the case of Durrmann wines, you should always judge a book by its cover. It is perfectly natural for lovers of lean, refreshing whites to start running in the opposite direction when they hear the word Riesling, one of the region's main grapes. But - just like you - Riesling is only sweet when it wants to be, and Yann Durrmann's expressions of this complex and multi-faceted grape (literally, Riesling is you) are vinified bone-dry, grassy, pastoral and bright. 

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