Forlorn Hope

Forlorn Hope


It’s no secret that California has boundless viticultural potential, and few wineries truly celebrate that like Matthew Rorick of Forlorn Hope, a longtime champion of weird grapes in wonderful places and a stalwart of California’s natural wine scene. A former semi-professional skateboarder, Navy SEAL and custom guitar maker – call him a jack of all trades! – Rorick went to UC Davis to study anthropology with a focus on wine before realizing that his heart was in the vineyard, leading him to make wine around the world and later, acquiring his dream vineyard, dubbed the Rorick Heritage Vineyards, a sprawling 80-acre high elevation plot on a hillside in the Sierra Foothills, complete with old vines of little-known grapes and rare, schist, limestone and dolomite-rich soils. Joined by an incredible team including talented winemaker Danielle Shehab and vineyard manager Demetrio Nava, Rorick also works with growers from across northern California, focusing on uncommon sites and grapes that pay tribute to California’s eclectic and often unexpected winemaking heritage. Fresh, precise and full of energy, Forlorn Hope has become a star of our portfolio and we’re proud to represent their wines in Ontario.

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