Martha Stoumen

Martha Stoumen


A few years ago, you would be hard pressed to find EVEN ONE California wine we would allow our fun aunt to buy us at lunch; now the revolution that is New California - and the vibrant, low alcohol, balanced wines of place they represent - has landed. Top of the heap are the coveted wines of Martha Stoumen. Martha came to wine from a love of farming and learned her craft by apprenticing under star producers like Didier Barral (Léon Barrol, Faugères), Chris Brockway (Broc Cellars) and Giusto Occhipinti (COS, Sicily). She returned to California determined to make wines she wanted to drink. Over-extracted Cabernet Sauvignon take a seat. Learning from European warm climate appellations, Martha is choosing cooler climate sites, picking early and using a careful hand to capture the sunshiney joyfullness of California without the sleepy alcohol and oaky weight. She is an utter dream to be around and a true inspiration. She sources organic vineyards she loves and develops long-term relationships with old school farmers doing things right.

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