The iconic & quite honestly tattoo-worthy image of a rooted tree growing out of planet Earth seen on a Werlitsch wine label says everything you need to know about winemakers Ewald & Brigitte Tscheppe.Grown on steep hillside slopes in Styria (Austria’s southernmost wine region).

Werlitsch wines are the love children of dreamy earthy seventies peace & love vibes and the Tschepppes’ pointedly cerebral allegiance to biodynamic farming. Ewald Tscheppe self-identifies as an agronomist & uncompromising naturalist, and is driven by the motto that Nature always does it better. The Tscheppe’s vineyards share a home with fruit trees, wild herbs, vegetables, and forest, & their distinct, terroir-driven white & skin-contact wines remind you that you can’t fake sincerity— they’re legitimately harmonious & soul-nourishing, and make you want to rethink your priorities & throw your phone in the river for at LEAST as long as it takes to drink a bottle.

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