Ruth Lewandowski

Ruth Lewandowski


It has been our dream to bring the wines of new Californian producer Ruth Lewandowski to Ontario for years & years! The presence of these wines on your Instagram feed, email inbox & (eventually) home cellar or dinner table, is proof that dreams really do come true. Winemaker Evan Lewandowski is, first and foremost, not named Ruth, nor are any of his family members. Evan grew up in a Mormon community, but left to follow his dreams. The name is a nod to that past, and comes from one of the darkest books in the Bible, in which Evan found inspiration and hope, The Book of Ruth. His winemaking philosophy is based on the cycle of death & redemption in the physical & spiritual realms, and this emotive & profound approach to winemaking definitely comes across in his creative output. These are the kinds of wines that feel more like a piece of art than anything else: poetic, untarnished, & incredibly moving in their simplicity.

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