Brand Bros

Brand Bros


Fifth-generation winemakers Daniel and Jonas Brand have been making some of the world’s buzziest natural wines in Bockenheim, at the northern end of Pfalz, Germany. Taking over from their father Jürgen in 2014, they converted a mixed agriculture farm into a winery, expanded it by 50% and converted it entirely to organic viticulture. Ironically, their zeal for biodiversity and growing the perfect grapes has them turning it back into a farm, now with animals alongside the already abundant flora and fauna that adorn their vineyards. Despite Pfalz being a generally warmer region, Bockenheim enjoys a particularly cool, breezy climate which keeps the vineyards free of mildew. Working almost entirely without sulphur or additives, their wines are laser-focused on purity, elegance and minerality, while never losing their cheeky sense of fun. Among the most beloved and best-known natural wines in the world, we’re immensely proud to introduce these German gems to Ontario.

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