Nanclares y Prieto

Nanclares y Prieto
Nanclares sits in Cambados, a tiny fishing district in Spain’s GORGEOUS Galicia, where seafood is the lifeblood, alongside their other coastal gift, albariño. An unquestionable pioneer in the region since 1997, Alberto leaned into organic farming, with sprinklings of biodynamic practices from the get-go. Partnering with the talented Silvia Preto in 2015, Nanclares y Prieto expanded to meet production demands, while maintaining their high standards with the power of teamwork. (We’re all about it!). Salty and dense albariño is the focus at the winery, with a perfectly manageable five hectares across fourteen vineyards in the Salnés Valley, the oldest sub-region of the revered Rías Baixas. As this is a humid region, working naturally is a challenge due to heightened disease pressure, however, one of their clever solutions has been to use sea algae as fertilizer - it contains trace minerals AND natural antibiotics that improve the plant’s resistance to disease! We get a tiny amount of these wines every year and they always go quick. If you see ‘em, grab ‘em - these are treasures that transport you across the globe and perfectly go with seafood anything.

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