Sassara Vini

Sassara Vini
From the base of Lake Garda in the morainic hills, ’Sassara Vini’ is a joyous project from well-seasoned natural winemakers Alessia and Stefano Bertaiola. With a background in agricultural research and development, Alessia and third-generation winemaker Stefano, organically farm a 14 hectare site – 10 of which are dedicated to vines, while the other four are composed of shaded woodlands & swooping olive groves! Their winery is located in the small village of Valeggio sul Mincio, just outside Verona, and has been in Stefano’s family for 50 years. Once an ancient sea, the hills were shaped by glacial activity, their soils left rich in marine deposits and a complexity of morainic sediment like quartz, ganite, and alabaster. Using biodynamic methods, little intervention and power-packed grapes like corvina, molinara, rondinella and garganega, these wines pounce and play with our tastebuds and heart.

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