Mathilde and Florian Beck-Hartweg are gifted young winemakers based in the medieval-looking, Alsatian town of Dambach-La-Ville. With a lineage dating back to the 16th century, they are in fact 16th(!!!) generation winemakers, and holy moly does it ever show. Here they work in a concentration of granite that imparts a transfixing minerality and resounding salinity across the entire lineup. The pair have always had an affinity for steep slopes, meaning MUCH more difficult work, but with an unbeatable payout in the form of petite, dense grapes, ripe with minerality & lousy with character. Farming is always done organically, without plowing, and a whopping 25% of their vineyards are in-fact classified as Alsace Grand Cru Frankstein! Their unwavering focus is on terroir expression and parcel-specific blending, coming to drinkable fruition as each wine emanates a different pearlescent hue in their rainbow of mineral intricacy – truly sensational from every angle. We are beyond riveted by this lineup and know you will be too!

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