Bonnet Cotton

Bonnet Cotton

In 2014, Pierre Cotton took hold of one hectare of Côte de Brouilly from his family to make his first cuvée, dubbed ‘100% Cotton’, after which it was abundantly clear he should take over the entire family domaine. He has always farmed organically and vinified with little sulphur (if any at all, but never more than 10mg/l). The winery’s vision and focus were clear, but it wasn’t until the addition of partner Marine Bonnet, an agronomist specialized in viticulture, that the winery takes its final form in 2020. Thanks to her, throughout their parcels in Brouilly they have replanted 500(!) trees in an effort to recreate lost habitat for animals, cooling shade & water retention. They walk around their vineyard-stead like gently buzzing bees, eager, animated, but really just doing what they know how to do best – make incredible BOJO. Their barrels lay in the happiest of wine catacombs, and when visiting we tasted what we consider to be some of the peaks in exploration and tradition, side-by-cobwebbed-side in their family’s dewy cellar. The pair make most cuvées as a team, but others are done separately to express their own unique views on the ferments & feed that all to human urge of having something of your very own.

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