Camille & Mathieu Apffel

Camille & Mathieu Apffel

Savoie, France

New and irresistible addition to the GWI lineup, may we humbly present Camille and Mathieu Apffel! Setting off on his own in 2017, Mathieu (originally from Jura) quickly realized that the acts of filtering and adding sulphur at bottling stripped his wine of crucial elements, and has been working in a zero-zero fashion ever since. With Camille joining the winery in 2020, the (uncertified) organic and biodynamically tended land entered a new era. Their 4.5 hectares of hearty ecosystems roost in a swath of mountains that croon alongside rushing winds, flecked earth & sultry sun-cycles. Their main focus is on jacquère and altesse (80% of their production), with a smaller amount of mondeuse, and gamay, all grown on clay and limestone soils, dense in fragmented mica-schist and quartz left behind by ancient glaciers. Please enjoy these first two cuvées, we couldn’t be more eager to share them with you!

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