Corentin Houillon

Corentin Houillon

What do you get when you mix a disciplined and noninterventionist cellar approach, a historic estate (try 1640!) & picturesque, free-wheeling vineyards? You get Corentin Houillon. We arrived at the estate early on a tepid February morning to a lively fellow positively grinning from ear to ear. After walking the grounds and voraciously tasting through the depths of nearly every barrel and vessel available, we knew we had to try and get these wines to Ontario. With a family full of winemaking knowledge, it feels as if he was convinced both by tradition and natural talent to travel down the path of winemaking. Corentin’s personal winemaking history stretches from Switzerland throughout France, with incredible stints alongside winemakers such as Pierre Overnoy, Stéphane Tissot, Dominique Derain & Domaine de la Ville. In 2019 Corentin settled into his own estate in Chautagne, a small Jurassic valley in the northern Savoie mountains. The property is unquestionably stocked with altesse, jacquère, pinot noir, gamay & mondeuse. The unique terroir reads like a crossover of alpine and rhone profiles, and in combination with his careful, zero-zero winemaking, can be tasted throughout. We are ecstatic to share these with you!

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