Domaine Bories Jefferies

Domaine Bories Jefferies
For the very first time in Ontario, we are positively delighted to introduce the pensive, expressive & versatile wines of Joe Jefferies! Long and lovely story short, Joe is from Warwickshire, England, was in the south of France with his Dad, met a wonderful woman, the two fell in love & there they remained. Now married they live together in the village of Caux about half an hour south of Beziers in the Languedoc. After having fallen for the wines of the area, Joe has taken up beautiful vines residing on old lava flows from a long extinct volcano in the area. The prized soils are plentiful in basalt, which brings freshness and minerality to the wines. He picks the fruit early to keep freshness alive, ferments exclusively in fibreglass, with zero additions, fining or filtering! Properly southern and wholly riveting, with distinctive spirit & expressive terroir. Welcome to the GW family Joe!

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