Emme Wines

Emme Wines

 All the way from the rich hills of northern California we are proud to present to Ontario for the first time, Emme wines! 2018 marked the first year that clever winemaker Rosalind Reynolds set out to create this passionate side hustle. She ferments out of the same cellar as Martha Stoumen (another of our fave Cali wine babes), PLUS she works as the assistant winemaker at PAX! Never without the welcome support of the talented wine community around her, the project was obviously immensely successful. Named after winemaker Rosalind’s grandmother Emme, who was passionate about local, organic produce, Rosalind has taken inspiration from her mentality, with immense respect for farming organic grapes and fermenting wines without additives. The aim of Emme is to make luminous wines that taste good, encourage thoughtful discussion & ultimately bring people together – cheers to great wines and blossoming communities!

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