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Katla Wines

GW has been following Jas Swan's wine journey for some time now, and we’ve finally made it happen! Welcome to Ontario KATLA wines! Winemaker Jas is a globetrotter, openminded creative, vocal supporter of the queer community & a proud part of the new wave of natural German wine. Her first vintage came about in 2019 and consisted of a mere (but mighty) 2,500 litres! She farms 0.4 hectares of her own vineyards in Reinhessen, while also purchasing grapes from a community of likeminded pals across her region of Germany, and others. This delightfully unbound and lawless approach to making delicious, expressive wine is ever-changing and vivid, bottles adorned with striking triangular labels, often holding portraits of beaming drag queens #supportlocaldrag. Jas loves playing with sensory experience, macerations, low alcohol, affordability & deep, characterful vibrations. It’s Jas Swan’s world and we’re so proud to be living in it!

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    We started our own import company to bring you some of our very favourite wines from around the world at the sharpest prices — this allows us to travel, fall in love with a wine, and bring right to your doorstep without a middle person.

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